Congressional Hearing on Bob White UFO Evidence

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Who is Bob White?
The only man to recover physical evidence from a
have government declassified files showing a
simialar object recovered in Denmark in the 40’s by the ARMY,
Pass 3 polygraph tests to what he saw
and have the material tested at 10 laboratories.
The object matches nothing made on this planet.
The object has documented, verified EXTRATERRESTRIAL origins.

In 1985, Missourian Bob White recovered physical evidence following a UFO encounter in Colorado.

In 1996, Mr. White was flown to the classified Los Alamos National Labs for an analysis of his evidence. White was told by Senior staff that the object he recovered was extraterrestrial. The lab recanted their position later, also claiming to have seen another object “similar” to his. The Los Alamos official analysis, published for the first time in White’s book UFO Hard Evidence (Galde Press 2005) reveal inept or intentionally misleading scientific results which had a negative impact upon a private citizen.

Mr. White has passed polygraph examinations given by law enforcement professionals concerning the Los Alamos matter.

In 2000, White became aware of a declassified U.S. Army document from the 1940’s titled “UFOs in Denmark.” In it are multiple images of an object nearly identical to the one White recovered some 40 years later.

Please sign our petition if you feel that it is time a Congressional Hearing is held to investigate the conduct of Los Alamos National Labs, and it’s potentially intentional efforts to discredit White and the material he recovered.

See http://ufoevidence.conforums.com/index.cgi for full info


If you believe the United States government is delibertly covering up extraterrestrial visitation to our planet then please help Mr White get his due process in Washington DC.

Larry Cekander
Museum of the Unexplained
Reeds Spring, Missouri