Could Some Triangle UFOs be a Stealth Blimp?

Triangular craft are often spotted by witnesses who wonder later if they’ve seen the handy-work of extraterrestrials. But what if these craft were something else entirely? The Stealth Blimp, or rather the Lighter than Air High Altitude Platform was originally contracted out from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in 1983 according to NASA Contract NAS 6-3131 which calls for the creation of a system which can move soundlessly through the air in the form of a massive blimp with various applications.

The project officially declined due to lack of interest, but soon sightings of mysterious three sided triangular craft very similar to a permutation of the contract NASA originally created began appearing all over the western hemisphere and eventually the world. It all began when a pair of joggers suddenly stopped to observe a mysterious object shortly after the blimp was first patented in the early eighties. Years later, it would seem, the device was actually built as they stood and watched a black object hover silently over the tree line near Palmdale California.

Years later it would be seen in New Mexico by pilots aboard an America West airliner headed to Las Vegas. As the object was reported to ground control, the pilots related that they could only see it due to the flashes of lightning from a nearby thunderstorm which backlit it.

In 1997 the lights would be seen once again as the sky above Paulden Arizona suddenly lit up with mysterious black shapes hovering across the skies along with several other towns in the area including Tempe, Chino, Valley, Glendale, Phoenix, Tucson, and Kingman. In this case even the governor reported seeing an object that “blacked out the sky” nearby his home. The Official story coming from the Air Force was a simple exercise involving flares, but this is overwhelmingly unconvincing as it doesn’t explain the dark shapes spotted all over the state.

In 2000 the triangular craft would make another major appearance as they hovered over Lebanon Illinois being spotted by several policemen who recorded the sighting across county lines and through several different cities. Nearby Scott Air Force Base made no official explanation of the objects, and declared they were not conducting any maneuvers on that night.

And the phenomenon would move overseas when the object was spotted above Guernsey in the United Kingdom. The object was later declared the “Mile Wide UFO” by media. Witnesses to the high profile case included air traffic controllers and witnesses who were used to observing aerial phenomena.

So could this Stealth blimp still be making appearances? Just yesterday while a witness was gathering wood in Brownwood Texas, they spotted a massive triangular object moving across the sky through the clouds heading North. From the looks of it, the Stealth Blimp is still in service. Was it created using alien technology? Most estimates of our current technological abilities dictate that a massive vehicle of the proportions described by witnesses is simply impossible. Regardless of if it was terrestrial in origin or not, if such a craft exists, the technology required to build and maintain it would be several years in excess of what the public is currently aware of. If these craft exist, perhaps the science fiction world of the future is merely a series of disclosures away.