Couple Encounters Tiny UFO in Bedroom

This UFO encounter shares with it an unusual twist that, when taken out of the terrifying context of the situation seems almost comical.  MUFON investigators received a call reporting a UFO that was not only present, but inside their very house.  This case is one of the more bizarre reports this month, but the call was made by two different witnesses.  And the report occurred near Independence, Missouri, an area recently flooded by UFO reports.

Thirty minutes after Midnight as the witnesses were laying down to go to sleep they noticed a mysterious craft hovering in the corner of the room.  The husband noticed the craft first, and nudged his wife awake.  As she looked up, the disturbing sight in the corner hovered.  As they leaned up and took a closer look at the craft, both were able to see the object hypnotically hovering in the corner.  It was approximately one foot in diameter with a small disc shape and a chamber on the top where the occupants were seen shifting and moving around.  Since the craft was miniature in size, the occupants too were miniaturized versions of what is normally seen.  They had large heads, grey skin, and the only other feature that seemed different was that the eyes were of roughly human shape and size proportional to their bodies.

The occupants of the craft looked surprised as the couple sat up in bed and began staring shocked at it, and the craft hovered away.  As the couple followed it cautiously, they realized that whatever had invaded their home had disappeared for good.  After this, they laid back down and tried to figure out what they had happened.  Since the incident had happened so fast, and had with it such a confusing nature, both witnesses were entirely shocked.  The telephoned MUFON’s investigation hotline and reported the incident.  Though the couple had witnessed objects in their room before, this was by far the most dramatic.

Many UFO enthusiasts find the idea of alien craft visiting Earth incredible enough, but the idea of alien visitors not only visiting, but being so small that they could even enter a person’s household in their craft is peculiar isn’t just an ordinary brand of unusual.  Tiny UFOs have been reported in the past, but this incident is almost reminiscent of the Twilight Zone episode “The Invaders.”

When reading this incredible account, it’s hard to imagine if there were several different species of visiting aliens from a widely diverse body of planets that they would all be the same size.  In fact, it seems possible that a race of tiny aliens could have developed from a much smaller planet, and given the distance between worlds the same flight capabilities that ran larger ships might be able to apply to smaller ships as well.  Of course this report will seem too unusual to believe for many, but for these two witnesses, something certainly happened that will be troubling them for quite some time.