Crop Circle Predicts The End Of Earth

Crop circles remain Unexplained in today’s society.  Crop circles show amazing characteristics which may prove to be made from NON Earth Dwelling beings. Often, crop circles are made in wheat and vegetation fields, but the strange part is, the wheat stalks are bent and not kinked or snapped.  If a crop circle was made with machinery or by hand, there would be a surplus of broken stalks, and tracks made by the machinery, but mysteriously, many crop circles have no clues to how they were made.  Many crop circles depict messages and strange signs. What exactly are these crop circles trying to tell us?  Top scientists are working on the puzzles as we speak.

One crop circle  displays a horrifying message.  The circle displays 4 spherical objects in circles with lots of connecting smaller circles surrounding it.  Upon study, one can easily come to the conclusion that this represents the inner orbits of our solar system.  The sun is in the middle, and the asteroid belt is outlining the outer diameter.  The strange part is, EARTH IS MISSING!!

Following the orbits of the crop circles, one can clearly see the center circle is the Sun. Than comes Mercury and Venus. The third orbit is vacant, than Mars and the Asteroid belt follow.  Why is planet Earth missing?  Are extraterrestrial entities trying to tell us than planet Earth is nearing it’s end?  Some scientists even predict the message means a meteor will strike Earth and cause the end of the planet.

Most Governmental sources claim that crop circles are most likely made from people trying to hoax the population.  Here is a snip clipped from “Ask A Scientist Environmental Science Archive”

Author:      ankur srivastava
How are crop circles formed?  And why do they have such artistic patterns?

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Author:      mortis
Although some claim that tiny electrically charged whirlwinds might cause crop 
circles, and others claim that they are of extra-terrestrial origin, I think 
the most likely cause is people sneaking around at night.  The 1993 James 
Randi Prize for scientific investigation of "paranormal" phenomena went to 
Gabor Takacs and Robert Dallos of Hungary, whose students proved that crop 
circles are quite easy for a careful group of high school students to make 
(see "The Skeptical Inquirer," Volume 17 Summer 1993 page 360, and Volume 16 
Winter 1992 page 136).
The geometry of crop circles has been studied by British astronomer
G. S. Hawkins (see "Science News", Vol 141, February 1, 1992, page 76).

Many researchers argue the Governmental standpoint, but not much heavy research is being done.  It seems to mee, this should be more mainstream, and a conclusion should be made.