Crucial Evidence On Roswell Overlooked?

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Back in 1947, there was a storm going down in Roswell: the aliens
had landed, well they crashed but we all know the impact it has had on modern
American thought. It has inspired a generation of conspiracy theorists and UFO
buffs. Just what happened has become part of modern folk lore, it may well be
why you are at this site.

Well, the debate may be over. Due to recent advances in technology (whether they
be retro-engineered from alien craft or man made) investigators have managed to
piece together a crucial piece of the puzzle. Anyone remember the picture of
Jesse Marcel and General Ramey holding some of the “weather balloon” for the
cameras? Well if you do you may remember that Ramey has a piece of paper in his
hands. Well with the aforementioned technological advances it has been possible
to decipher some of the memo in his hands. First link is from Rense and outlines
some of what has gone onto get to this stage

Second link is to the main site for
this crucial evidence, its worth looking at this site thoroughly
This is a copy of an email Stanton Freidman
sent me after looking into this subject a while ago, “The posting below (from
rense.com) is well out of date. I approve of David Rudiak’s newest evaluation
(discussed on the Recent Sc-Fi TV Roswell show and posted on his website). I had
had high resolution scans of the original negative done in Dallas a few years
ago. and distributed them in CD Rom format with other scans of the pictures.. I
like his approach. Stan Friedman The Roswell proof site is the one he
recommends. Third link is to Stan’s site, plenty of related material here,

I believe you should look at the
x20 blow up on the Roswell proof site and try to make your own minds up as to
what it says, rather than just accepting this guys interpretation of it.