Cultural Background On UFO Abductions. Specific Cultures Picked by Aliens

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Person: James Harder May 18, 1992 510 548-2810


Dr. James Harder, professor emeritus at UC Berkeley with 35 years experience researching the field of extraterrestrial (ET) and UFO studies, has warned against believing that what is shown in the current CBS series is representative of all of what we know about visitations from ET beings.

He has stated that he and other researchers who have had unbiased clientele have exhaustive evidence of benevolent encounters wherein humans have been given messages of encouragement in working for the planet’s survival; encouragement for helping human survival in terms of non-violence, care of children, and limiting the sheer numbers of humans that can reasonably inhabit earth; and that some have been given powers we now consider paranormal such as various forms of mental telepathy and gifts of special healing. Beyond this, many humans have been medically helped/cured of diseases, some of which are simply categorized by most medical professionals as “miracles”.

The visitations which are benevolent are at least 10 times more prevalent, though not as well known, as those which are less sensitive to humans. Dr. Harder stated that there are many experiences recorded in his files where his clients have rather sadly remembered that they were unhappy to see a visit end, and in many cases longed for the time when they would meet their “friends” again.

 Dr. Harder has further warned scientists who may be becoming interested in this field that they should be aware of the strong government interest in the information that is being made available. The cover-up which has been evident for at least 45 years is alive and well, and there remains strong evidence pointing to various disinformation and misinformation campaigns by highly compatent and skilled “secret” government agencies. One of their purposes seems to be to instill fear in the public so as to control our response to extraterrestrial interaction. A favorite method is to exploit the interest of the mass media in presenting bad news. They are also suspected of assisting, in a covert way, in the publication of books that emphasize the most fearsome and startling episodes of visitations.

One motivation is that some in the government think we need enemies. The current series “Intruders” on CBS may serve as an example of how the media can be co-opted into such a program, though perhaps inadvertently. Dr. Harder feels the ETs seem to be the newly adopted “threat” to earth, so that defense spending (especially Star Wars technology) can be continued and the power represented in the military-industrial complex can survive.

Dr. Harder and another noted researcher of over 35 years, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, who has also had extensive contact with humans who have had a broad range of encounters, will be presenting research papers and workshops regarding the numbers and nature of ET visits at a conference in Denver this weekend, May 22-24, 1992. He will also be attending a conference at MIT on the “abduction” experience, June 13-17, 1992