Current Shape Of UFO’s Seen In Pictures Today

UFOs Of Today – Current Shape Of UFO’s

It is a tedious job sifting through 1000’s of UFO Photos trying to weed out the bogus pictures. Sometimes we get so caught up with the differences than the similarities.  I’m sure we all have seen UFO pictures that are obviously bogus but the yet  manage to get your attention. Very often, true UFO pictures are overlooked.  For some reason, If the picture shows less detail, the less attention is paid to the picture.  Some would see a small metal odd shaped object and reveal little else. But when you take 10 similar pictures and compare, its amazing how your able to see likenesses which didn’t present themselves earlier.

I Took This One***image11***



All these Pictures present the same shaped object. This adds credibility to the picture, because if the same shaped object is popping up in pictures all the time, it is only common sense that those object exist.