Cylindrical UFO Reported Madison, Wi

A strange object has been reported by a woman from Madison Wisconsin.  The encounter took place as she sat in her kitchen looking into her yard.  The cold night was nothing quite so chilling as the sight she was about to see to the soundtrack of ambient sounds and electronic music emanating from her television.

Even among the loud noises in her apartment, a sudden cacophonous hum split the air in her kitchen.  The entire house seemed to be shaking as she stood up and walked to the window to see what the source of the mysterious noise could be.  As she looked out her sliding glass door she spotted a pair of blinking lights of incredible brightness and a white color heading toward the house.  As she watched, she realized she may very well be observing what others refer to as UFOs or flying saucers.  To her the resemblance was unmistakable.  As she grabbed the doorknob to follow the object with her eyes she hesitated for a moment.  Having read up and even seeing a few documentaries on the subject of UFOs she wondered if the object should be emitting as much of a sound as it was.  As such she considered for a moment that the object could have been a low flying helicopter.

Running out into the yard, she watched the object hovering fifty feet off the ground as she used the tree in her back yard’s height as a reference point.  She realized that the sound she was hearing was not typical of a helicopter.  There was no flapping, just the deafening hum.  There was also no breeze, just the dead of night as it moved above her.  She tried to make out the shape of the object, thinking it might be cylindrical in shape.  She didn’t notice any sort of structure on the vehicle, and didn’t find it likely that it could have been a plane given its size and flight path.  She had been informed that they would be spraying the area around her for gypsy moths, but as she watched the object take off into the distance she realized this could not have been a plane.  She later called the local company in charge of the spraying and asked them if they were testing any new vehicles for the moth spraying.  When they said that they had not been, she was not surprised in the least.  Furthermore she asked about the night in question, wondering if somehow despite everything she had just misidentified a conventional aircraft.  They said that her area was not scheduled to be sprayed just yet.  Of course this could have simply been a massive debacle happening by chance to ultimately lead to an accidental conspiracy leading her to believe she had encountered a vehicle from another world, but the likelihood of this happening seems incredibly unlikely.  Of course it also doesn’t stand alone to prove she had witnessed an alien craft either.

But what could it have been?  And why was it making so much noise when it could have possibly just flown higher without making a scene?  It could have been some sort of low flying military aircraft, but no known aircraft is cylindrical in shape that would be making that much noise.