Dallas Sky Suddenly Calm After Latest UFO Flurry

If the idea of five people reporting UFOs in one night in the Dallas Fort Worth area just seemed like an everyday event, then the fact that reports came to a complete stop in the coming days should be further evidence of the uniqueness of the event.  Dallas has been a prominent location for unexplained aerial phenomena, but the fact that the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) alongside other UFO reporting centers suddenly show no activity above these areas might give some visitors pause to wonder just what happened in the past few days.  Have “they” gone home?

The area around Dallas and Fort Worth has had hundreds of UFO sightings in the past couple of years with a few others scattered throughout the rest of the state.  But even more strange is the fact that the sightings are not an everyday occurrence.  They happen in strings like a single unexplained object (often reported as several or different objects) suddenly appear throughout the area with witnesses spanning across three counties.  These mass sightings seem to happen with little attention paid to them – often being blamed on nearby military installations like Carswell Airforce Base.  But Carswell; or the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, as it is now known; is not said to house objects that can go from a speed of zero to a thousand miles per hour in the span of a split second.  Nor are they known to possess any aircraft that spans more than a mile in diameter.  So if they aren’t the ones causing the mass UFO sightings, who – or what – is?

There’s always the theory of extraterrestrials.  This one gets lots of attention because it seems to explain so much in the form of advanced aircraft.  But if this were the case, we would be left asking why they choose this immediate area to visit so often.  Why not head up to Seattle to break the laws of physics on a semi-nightly basis for weeks on end?  The question raises a number of interesting -albeit fantastic- theories about the area around Dallas.

And then there’s the idea that an incredibly advanced aerial vehicle might be tested at a nearby base.  The aforementioned Carswell is home to some 17,000 personnel, most of which are Lockheed Martin employees.  What does Lockheed Martin do?  Primarily research and development for upcoming technologies including air travel and propulsion.  Is it possible some of their resources could be diverted toward creating the next manmade flying saucer?

In the realm of Hollow Earth theories there has to be a reference in any comprehensive “what if” list.  With mining operations and cave formations (many of which remain unexplored) peppering the map, how possible would it be for a secret cave to the vast underground network of tunnels to have survived cloaked from the outside world by superior technology?  If an entrance were somehow in the area the vessels would have to visit quite often while operating in the world.

Whatever the cause, these craft have been making waves since they first started appearing.  And with no sign of slowing down, the mystery is only likely to get deeper with time.