“Day Turned to Night in Seconds”

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west every 24 hour period we can always be assured that something unusual will happen on our planet in that time frame.  Today one family shared an unexplainable experience where day turned to night instantly, causing them to wonder if some sort of anomaly had caused the incident.  Strangely, the event did not affect others mere miles away.

You’d think that day turning to night instantly in a city like Chicago with a population of 2,896,016 would be headline news, but strangely only a few people seemed to notice in a very localized area suggesting whatever it was that cast a pitch black shadow on the city is indeed a perplexing mystery.

The witnesses reporting the event to MUFON related their story.  The primary reporting witness had recently broken her ankle and was taking a rest in the den with her chair facing to the West with her mother.  As they sat, the sun was shining brightly through a massive window in their Den.  It was around 4:30 in the afternoon, so the sun was still in the sky high enough that it shouldn’t have been casting long shadows or interacting with objects on the ground.  What happened next would leave both witnesses bewildered as they sat stunned.

The light streaming from their window suddenly went pitch black as though the sun had simply stopped shining, or there was a massive object hovering over it.  As they both looked up stunned they were prepared to go to the window to look, but just as quickly as the day had become night, it became day again.  Thinking she might have imagined the whole thing, the witness asked her mother, “What was that?”  The witness’ mother responded saying the entire room had suddenly gone pitch black.  At first both witnesses thought it might have been one of the airplanes from the Chicago Air and Water Show passing overhead and blocking out the sun, but then they noted that there hadn’t been any sound.

Strangely, the witness’ first thought after the sky went suddenly dark was to think of a flying saucer blocking out the sun.  Could it have been one of these massive mysterious craft suddenly swooping in for a few seconds only to disappear later?

Another possible explanation could have been a blimp.  Though it hasn’t been confirmed any blimps were operating in the area, these massive vehicles can sometimes cast massive shadows on buildings giving the illusion of an eclipse.  And if it had passed by closely, it might have made no sound and even vanished before the witnesses had a chance to look at it.  But wouldn’t a blimp have been noted operating so far from the air show?  Since no flying saucers or other unexplained craft were seen in the area at the time, it’s a matter of conjecture exactly what caused the sky to turn black for these few seconds to witnesses.