December UFO Mocked Radio Tower

An unidentified flying object that shocked witnesses in Independence, Missouri – a place where UFO sightings are not uncommon – appeared to them to be resembling a radio tower as it hovered overhead.  The witness reported that the object was seen in the sky hovering like a triangle and then flipped off to the side and started soaring through the sky.

Often witnesses report seeing flashing lights in the distance that appear for all intents and purposes to be nothing more than radio towers perched high on hills.  Their solitary outlines and stick-like frames are generally unmistakable to witnesses along with the fact that they have a host of flashing lights to indicate their presence to passing aircraft.  And yet in full darkness, to passing weary travelers, these objects can appear to be flashing lights hovering low to the ground.  To investigators, later these objects can be discovered by the fact that they appear in the exact location where a radio tower has been built.  Combine this with the fact that radio towers don’t move, and the sightings become immediately easier to predict and explain.  And while the witness in this case never directly made the radio tower analogy, what they describe in their incredible encounter would have looked strikingly similar – at least at first – to their eyes.

The witnesses report seeing an object hovering in the distance on December 22nd, just above the horizon almost vertically like a triangle from their position and then shooting into the sky before gradually gliding sideways and finally disappearing.  While many witnesses report seeing objects in the sky, this one suggests those on board were operating with a sort of artificial gravity onboard.  If the object had been as large as it looked while still maintaining a practically vertical position, the witnesses onboard would have had to either be strapped into their chairs tightly while performing a maneuver that felt very unnatural to them or had some sort of device onboard that corrected the inner equilibrium of the ship or provided them with a sort of relative gravity rather than depending on the gravity of the planet below.

Of course there’s always the question of motivation for a ship in any of these UFO stories.  Would a ship have found a way to coast in a near vertical position across the horizon for practically no reason?  And if so, why?  If the purpose of such a maneuver had been nothing more than to purposefully confuse those on the ground its goal would have certainly been achieved.

Then there’s always the “logical” explanation.  In this case a logical explanation is almost as confusing and strange as the simpler and often more appealing “it was aliens” or “it was a highly advanced test vehicle centuries in advance of currently understood technology.”  If it were for example a weather balloon, it would have had a steady triangular shape and had lights impossibly placed all over it.  And then it would have had to shoot of into the stars and into the night faster than anything we currently understand.