Diamond Shaped UFO Buzzes Witness

One stormy night on June third in a small town just north of Dallas Texas, home to Fort Worth, at about 1:05 in the morning, a witness was looking out their window at the torrential downpour when they noticed amidst the lightning an object moving through the sky above them.  It was massive.  As they stared in amazement, they wondered what could be moving through such an intense storm so easily without being effected by the winds.

The object was moving toward the witness with the lightning crackling thunderous booms around it.  “I saw a single plane-like bluish light moving through the very bad lightning and watched it wondering what the heck a plane was doing flying directly through the storm.”  What the witness did not know, was that this was no ordinary aircraft.  As it made a sudden 90 degree turn the witness, shocked at the incredible maneuverability of this object, suddenly ran out to the porch as it shot over his head.  As he looked up he could clearly see the rectangular shape with something else moving within it.  The device was so low to the ground, the witness says, “I could see the lines of its construction as well as markings underneath.”  The witness says these markings were what made him realize this object might be of military origin.  As he watched it go, he noticed the center of the object beneath the hull was emitting a strange bluish glow.  Within this glow he could see red squares within the craft.  He also noticed that the craft seemed to camouflage with the sky almost perfectly, suggesting that a casual observer may not have even noticed the low flying aircraft.

As the object hovered on its flight path away, he quickly ran inside to get his cell phone.  By the time he returned with it hoping to catch a picture of the object, it was long gone.  The witness describes a familiar feel as it moved overhead, but is still uncertain as to what it could have been.  It was last seen heading toward Galveston Bay that night.  His personal theory of the object is that it was likely of military origin.

It’s long been speculated that some unidentified flying objects could actually be military aircraft, but of course this argument goes both ways.  Some say the objects are military craft disguised as flying saucers piloted by aliens while others say they are alien craft disguised as military craft while the military attempts to keep up with what they could be, suspecting foreign spy planes.  Anyone who has been to Texas in the spring time will tell you just how powerful storms can be in Texas depending on the season.  The coastal proximity and the wide open spaces are the perfect factors to create storms of immense magnitude.  Whatever it was, the craft must have been quite sturdy and immune to the high winds and lightning that are associated with strong Texas storms.