Did Aliens Leave Us Ancient Spirals?

Perhaps the real evidence of UFO’s lies in artifacts found. Although real evidence is scarce, some metals and elements are still unexplainable.  One of the most promising pieces of evidence in existence today are tiny metal spirals.

In 1991, tiny metal spirals were found in the Ural Mountains in Russia. These spirals re approximately the size of human hair, some measuring up to 3cm.  Some of these spirals have a core, some spirals were found alone. So what makes these spirals so special?  Well these spirals date back to 100,000 years!   Pre-Man Existence. 

These spirals were found between 10 and 36 feel beneath the earth’s surface. Not only were they found in 1991, but again in 1992 and 1993 in different locations. When experts evaluated these mysterious spirals, it was determined that they had to be manufactured.  (read more to see more pictures)

It is still undetermined where these spirals originated from, and what their purpose was. Judging from the metallic core inside the spirals, it is almost safe to say they were used for electrical purposes.

Exactly what are these 100,000 year old spirals, and what were they used for? This is a question worth its weight, and is documented by Unexplainable.net. As we search for the truth, we discard no evidence until it is proved unhelpful. If anyone can help us put this issue to rest, please submit all the information you can. If you find a manufacturer who produces these, or a product that uses such spirals, Please post on this topic. But as for now, it remains “Unexplainable”.