Did UFO Attack Witness’ Consciousness?

A witness reporting on an incident that occurred in March in 2008 stated that he saw a physical object operating in airspace above his home when suddenly his entire consciousness seemed to shift into a parallel reality.  While skeptics of this witness’ account may dismiss it as being induced by some external or chemical means, the real question raised by this man’s experience actually may shed some light on one theory of the UFO phenomenon.

The witness was outside his home smoking a cigarette at approximately 11:47  when he suddenly looked up and saw what appeared to be several lights heading down the nearby road.  As the witness focused in on the strange series of objects, they approached his position the objects suddenly darted off into the nearby trees and disappeared.  Waiting for the strange objects to reappear, the witness then reports that a large black shape appeared and hovered in the sky over his position, completely black with no sign of any lights whatsoever until he saw the back of it and noticed what appeared to be a red crushed ember at the back of it and possibly a trail of smoke being trailed.

But what began as an extraordinary UFO experience soon took a turn in a completely different direction.  The witness suddenly felt like his entire world was shifting.  The sky began moving around in what appeared to be a random and scattered haze.  It was clear that something had happened to him that, in the witness’ opinion, affected his consciousness.  As he continued to watch, staggering in an attempt to maintain his clarity the witness recalls wondering to himself if the unidentified flying object above him or possibly the dust or smoke it was trailing behind it had somehow affected his consciousness in a way similar to the drug known as LSD.

The witness sought shelter in the driver’s seat of his suburban in the hopes of regaining full control of his cognitive faculties, but had to contend with a series of red points of light that began cropping up all throughout their periphery.  Soon the witness’ vision became completely black and would return momentarily as if all the blood was not reaching the witness’ eyes and then would return full force.

As the witness’s perception gradually returned to them over the course of several seconds, they found themselves looking back up into the sky and seeing no trace of the strange object that had passed overhead.  Unsure of what to do about the strange incident, the witness found himself gradually going back inside to share the strange incident with his wife, hoping she would be able to understand the sheer strangeness of it all.

The incident experienced by the witness appeared to take a strange turn away from normal perception only after the strange object passed overhead nearby him.  Was he somehow exposed to some sort of mind altering field or chemical leaking from the craft itself?  Or was this the phenomenon often reported as an explanation to the UFO phenomenon by which witnesses will react to geological occurrences by experiencing a drastic shift in consciousness?  Though this incident was no doubt strange, it cannot be simply discounted.  Shortly after the witness reports this incident took place, both his wife and son saw strange objects themselves.  For one person to spontaneously hallucinate such an object would be extraordinary.  For three to independently do the same would be unheard of.