Did UFO Prevent Missile Detonation?

A strange development not seen in the mainstream media has revealed that the mysterious object and contrail seen in the sky over California on the 10th was not the only object that was unexplainable in the picture.  The video has another version that suggests something else hovering in the sky enigmatically between the cameraman and the contrail itself.  Upon first viewing, it appears to be nothing more than a prop airplane simply moving across the sky.  Then, as viewers look closer they realize it isn’t moving at all.  The footage has spawned an incredible theory that this object somehow disabled or redirected the missile away from the coast.

Though the primary focus of the footage is, and perhaps in the eyes of the average viewer always will be, the mysterious contrail itself the strange unidentified flying object hovering just in the distance near the missile.  Claims have arisen that though many broadcasts of the missile did not include this object, a few of them did air the footage with the mysterious object.

To look at the footage you see a strange cylindrical black object hovering in the distance that appears to share many of the qualities that a standard UFO would.  The footage is not ambitious enough to appear to be computer generated and to date is one of the most compelling shots of an object in flight that cannot be explained to date, though this is admittedly partially due to the poor quality.  The story gets stranger when we take into consideration that the original footage was cropped so the object would not appear in it, and still images were photoshopped to not include it.  It’s possible these changes were made to reduce confusion as is sometimes the case in footage of events that appear ambiguous on major media news outlets.

After a few seconds of flying, the missile begins to shoot into the distance and the black object suddenly flashes as if firing something.  Such a flash could have been an air traffic indicator, though its placement on the object is not in keeping with where most lights are placed.  Additionally no lights are flashing at the tail end of it as many have suggested, nor does it pulse with the regularity we would expect on a helicopter or jet airliner.  Some have suggested that the mysterious flash is more in keeping with a projectile or laser of some sort at the object.  So if this were the case, why would the object be firing a laser at a missile?  Perhaps its doing so explains how the event didn’t lead to a nuclear detonation later.  Is it possible then, that this mysterious object actually served to stop a nuclear incident from occurring?  Or was it simply a mysterious craft of unknown origin that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

While it’s still difficult at this point to say, it certainly leaves much to be answered.  And if this remains the case, much to the imagination as well.