Did We Land on the Moon? Cassini Speaks out

America most certainly did go to the Moon. It makes me wanna scream every time someone says we didn’t. There is plenty of evidence to back up the fact we went to the Moon, and if you look at the evidence that says we didn’t it doesn’t hold up.

this is a link to the most informative page on the net about why we did, if you read that and still think we didn’t go……

Read This Page And Tell Me It Doesn’t Convince you.


America is the only country to so far go to the moon because once it had beaten Russia, there was no point for the Russians to do it as the gesture was largely symbolic. It takes vast amounts of wealth and a certain type of production capability to get there. Not every country has this. Russia could if they wanted to but considering the economic situation it is unlikely they will, countries such as India and China now have space programs and will be going to the moon.