Disclosure and Roswell – When is the Time Right?

Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by admin

Perhaps one of the most commonly cited possibilities of the Roswell scenario is that those involved did intend to eventually release the information behind the alien craft and its occupants, and perhaps even open up communication between Earth and the visiting aliens, but that the time both politically and socially was just not right yet.  There would a period of preparation before the general populace and these creatures from beyond finally met, and in the mean time they would simply remain a mystery.  And some have theorized that the subsequent abductions could be one way of monitoring this progress.

Before the Roswell incident there are very few documented cases of aliens abducting humans.  But in the span of time between 1947 and 1962 something happened that would change the phenomenon forever.  A couple by the name of Betty and Barney Hill were taken up in a spacecraft and shared in the cosmic reality that, according to the unofficial story would have been between the government and the extraterrestrials themselves exclusively.  But when the two shared their experience with the world the response was staggering.  Rather than being widely ridiculed, they were given time to talk about their experiences and an eager public felt it made sense after all of the strange objects spotted in the skies.  The conversations between the Hills and these visitors were fairly simple, and didn’t betray any previous contact with humans either military or otherwise.  Instead, they kept their talks short.

And of course what happened next is history.  After Betty and Barney Hill shared their abduction story soon hundreds then thousands and then eventually even more claimed to have had similar experiences.  Looking back on the most famous alien abduction cases they seem to lead back all the way to the first well documented case – Elizabeth Klarer of South Africa.

Are extraterrestrials and the administrations in charge of the cover up simply waiting for the perception of aliens to be “right” before ultimately disclosing their presence?  Are we looking at a cover-up lasting several years that could end any time between next week and several centuries from now?  Some UFOlogists claim this to be the case, and that several key events in our history are intended to alter our perceptions of aliens as positive rather than the negative hostile creatures of B movie science fiction.  If it doesn’t sound credible, take a moment to look at the most famous movies ordinarily associated with the UFO phenomenon by major directors.  Steven Spielberg, who directed Close Encounters of the Third Kind said that he was originally going to portray the aliens in a very terrifying light before he eventually decided they would be friendly.  Was his decision impacted by a major organization that knew his portrayal would have unintended consequences if he made the aliens terrifying?  Spielberg later went on to direct other films about friendly aliens, including “ET: The Extraterrestrial” which charts the entire process from fear to acceptance and even love for a being from another world.

So if the “powers that be” are simply waiting for perception and the political climate to be right, it’s difficult to assess when this might be.  It could be quite a wait – or none at all.