Disclosure Secrets Communed From Altair Of The Constellation Aquila

Why is information about the UFO intelligences so secret?  That question isn’t about government or asking it to tell something.  The question isn’t about what’s known; it’s about what isn’t known.

From ancient times to today, the writings and eyewitness accounts of the UFO intelligences continues, yet secret they remain.  Why is this?

The hard work of research tangents many specialized paths to determine facts.  This writer believes that facts from specialized researches will combine one day to provide complete answers.  Until then, should a path be taken to matters of mind, as well?

Because of their experiences, many eyewitnesses and abductees have disclosure.  What isn’t known about the minds of those that would seek further disclosure from their governments?


The UFO Intelligences operated in ancient times as they do today, that is, outside government control.  Although people look to “external authorities” for answers, maybe the UFO Intelligences don’t.  Perhaps they operate as individual sovereigns, without hierarchical constructs of power and control.  Could such differences account for what isn’t known about them after all this time?

Consider a governments’ viewpoint of not wanting to admit it doesn’t know everything about the UFO Intelligences, and is not respected by them, either.  As authoritarian regimes go, the same applies to religions, desiring that people come only to them for answers about the UFO Intelligences.  However, the question not being about government or religion:  What isn’t known about people’s minds on the UFO Intelligences?


History demonstrates people’s minds attract to the constructs of “assumed truths” on which their governments and religions are built.  How deeply does that contrast to the UFO Intelligences’ minds?  Are the UFO Intelligences’ minds aligned in congruence with the reality of the universe, whatever it is?


I don’t know the answer and can’t prove anything, however, this writer surmises that the “mind gap” between people and the UFO intelligences is the reason the UFO Intelligences choose to remain secret.


Who are the UFO Intelligences? 

They’re human and human-like beings whose minds evolved in congruence with the reality of the universe.  Unlike earth’s human species, their minds don’t miss the mark of what is real.

As independent sovereigns, each pursues their strengths, abilities, and interests; yet, together they gain values and progress collectively.  They operate without hierarchical constructs of power and control.  They understand the physics of consciousness: Yes, such knowledge is in the universe.  They’re business-like; because gaining advantages for survival in the universe, and to complete their mission in it requires they use consciousness, mass, and energy efficiently.  Investments of resources for interactions with societies of earth human beings aren’t efficient because returns from those don’t exceed the investments. They limit their contact with Earth to their particular needs: whether chemical, biological, or genetic.


What are they doing?

They’re living throughout the universe: learning to survive nature’s wraths, achieving biological immortality, discovering the physics of consciousness, gaining everlasting life, exploring the universe, creating galaxies, working to stabilize the universe.


Some visit earth because they live on planets or star systems nearby. Others visit by using knowledge of the physics of consciousness to travel at distances and speeds incomprehensible to earth human being’s concepts of mass, speed of light, and time.  A few are inside the earth, on its surface, and deep in its oceans.


Both history and today’s research suggest they do as they please and take what they want.


What do they want?

UFO Intelligences want to complete their mission in the universe.  They work in common with other UFO intelligences throughout the universe.  Their mission is to stabilize the universe.  The goal of their mission is to prevent a “big bang” from ever happening again.  The work of that mission is to create galaxies continuously until all lifeless matter and spirit consciousnesses are melded.


As for their personal missions to places like earth, they want things they can use to benefit themselves physically. Because earth human intelligence misses the mark of what is real in the universe, the UFO Intelligences take what they want guiltlessly. 

They want talents and abilities, and take these from whomever they choose.  They extract these from the DNA of abductees.  This doesn’t make their abductees special people.  Abductees are just people that have something the UFO intelligences want.


How are earth human beings reacting to them?

Most earth human beings react to the UFO intelligences the same as any other subjects they don’t know much about:  they make things up about them.


Another response is fear, because of the unknown.


Many people see them as a potential new authority, which at some time in the future; can answer those age-old questions about life and the universe, which religions, governments, and mystics have not done to their satisfaction. 

Many react not to the UFO intelligences, but to authorities who they believe must know about them and aren’t telling.


Few people react by dedicating themselves to scientific study, and, analysis of past and current events to determine facts themselves, about the UFO intelligences.  Given the state of human minds, integrations of researcher facts, is the best way to understanding the UFO intelligences and finding answers to questions about them; because most human minds want proof of reality: a process the UFO intelligences consider most inefficient and wasteful of resources.

Few people react by gaining conscious control of mind, to communicate with the UFO intelligences.


How will the extraterrestrial presence affect the future of earth’s human species?

The extraterrestrial presence will not affect the future of earth’s human species; instead, earth’s human species will affect its future one person at a time.

Disclosure of the UFO intelligences occurs to each person individually and naturally without need of external authority or other “proof.”

To know the UFO intelligences, people indentify and neutralize a condition of mind.  That condition causes minds of human beings to miss the mark of what is real in the universe.  It’s a single negative common to minds of the human species of earth.  When that one condition of mind is discovered, and then understood by the person, it soon becomes null; a barrier in the mind falls, and that person’s mind becomes congruent with extraterrestrial minds.  Instantly, disclosure is complete for that person.

The process builds exponentially from person to person, and then, to all human beings of earth.  All have disclosure then: traditional organizations of control fade as earth’s humanity moves ahead with the UFO intelligences.

Research about the UFO intelligences raises people’s consciousness, and speeds up the process.  Nevertheless, more research is needed to explain that earth human minds are “blocked” and why the UFO Intelligences’ minds are “unblocked.”