DNA Results: Starchild Skull Only Half Human Hybrid

While visiting her family in the Copper Canyon region, in the mid 1930’s, a hundred miles south from Chihuahua, an American Student discovered a pair of skeletons buried in the dirt.  The figures were clearly old, but as she uncovered the dirt from the skulls, she was horrified by what she saw.  The second skeleton, much shorter than the first and shaped a bit differently, had the most peculiarly shaped skull.  Quickly she covered them up again in a ravine and made plans to have them smuggled out of the village on their way to the United States.  The skull she found would become one of the most compelling pieces of evidence of extraterrestrial visitation.

Unfortunately, as she walked home that night an incredible storm washed away a good portion of the skeletons in the ravines, and as she returned she could only find the skulls and part of the lower jaw bone of what would later be called the “star child.”  The star child’s skull, however, had just begun its journey.  As she returned, she had the samples studied by the El Paso University, but was distraught when the skulls were simply declared naturally deformed.  It was not until they came into the possession of Melanie Young, formerly a neonatal nurse, that the deformities would be studied and discovered to be something more than natural.  The number and complexity of the various deformities were impossible, it seemed to Melanie, for a child to have survived as long as it had.  She came to the conclusion that clearly this creature, whatever it was, couldn’t have been human.

Several tests were conducted in the ensuing years that indicated that the creature’s skull had come from a human mother, but that the father had actually been non-human.  Of course since there is a lack of DNA on file, the tests cannot be more accurate than that, but when the idea of a half-human half-something-else being is born, one can draw the parallel to the many verses throughout mythological history of gods descending to earth from the heavens.  The Sumerians, specifically tell legends of the race of visitors called the Anninuki, who came to earth from the planet “Nibiru,” or what many now consider Planet X.

Of course all of this can be disregarded as any legend can be, but DNA evidence which is considered to be accurate 999,999 out of 1,000,000 times, so much so that it has been used to convict people of murder and reverse previous convictions, cannot lie.  The fact of the matter is, this creature was half human and half unknown.  The discovery contradicts almost everything modern science says is possible.  To date science has only been able to successfully hybridize plants, and even they often require years and years of complex technological research and computing.  How could a creature 900 years ago have been possible?  And if one was discovered, how many more were there?

Additionally, the Starchild had an increased volume in its skull, meaning its capabilities for brain volume was 20 cubic centimeters more than the standard human.  Despite all this, the Starchild skull is often still considered to be a human anomaly or mutation.  Either way, the skull stands as one of the most interesting specimens to enter modern anthropology and biology.