Do Aliens Need Oxygen?

Are there chances that life is present right there outside the world in the wide and vast universe? Can someone live without oxygen? Or can there be a totally different environment where we humans cannot live, but it is completely suitable for someone whom we refer as Aliens. When some talks about aliens we picture them as ugly, huge and completely different from humans. There are several movies directed by the most famous directors and actors playing a heroic role in beating up the aliens and throwing them out of the earth. For example the movie Independence Day they have casted that aliens from some other planet want to take over our earth and start their own civilization on earth itself. The movie also stated that the visited earth around 10 years back and they were so intelligent that they could completely understand the living style and habitant in which we live. They could also figure out the strength and weakness we process as humans and technology. In the end the hero Will Smith fights them all and kicks them out. This is just imagination of someone which was out up in a cinematic way.

Scientist and astronomers all over the world are working day and night to find out whether there is live outside the earth or is it limited up to the earth’s surrounding only. There are several radio receivers and transmitters working throughout the year used to receive a signal from outside the earth. Unfortunately they haven’t even heard a whisper till date. Those that mean there is no life outside earth it can be a case that they are not using the same technology as we use or they are more advanced than us. Some people believe or they are so confident that they are sure that they have seen aliens or their flying equipment the “Unidentified Flying Object”. People are confident enough to say and when been passed under a test to check whether they are bluffing. The tests come out to be normal. There are many cases where people have seen them over several places. They have sighted UFO’s in day time as well as night. Well as there is no proper evidence that they do exists we cannot stop hearing stories about them. Some researchers believe that aliens have visited earth about a thousand of years ago. Aliens have help mankind to develop us and advanced themselves in building up huge structures and monuments. One thing that troubles a lot of the researchers is that why didn’t Stone Age people lived in the caves for hundred thousand of years. Then suddenly a few thousand years ago they started to develop and building structures and getting civilized all of a sudden. Some researchers say that they were aliens how were helping them to do so. The great pyramids of Giza a structure of 250 millions of stones and weighing millions of tones was build in just 20 years. How can it be possible with the technology of that time, stones used for constructing the pyramids were brought from hundreds of miles far. Transported even before wheels were invented, can it be that aliens have been helping them? The question of existing of aliens will be a mystery until they themselves show up.