Do UFOs Interfere with Nuclear Weapons?

Over the years, several reports of close encounters near nuclear facilities by military forces have leaked into the mainstream.  Is there more to this than a few misidentifications of conventional aircraft?  Unless the witnesses are absolutely lying, there appears to be something to this strange concept, as the craft they identify apparently are not only the typical lights and discs spotted by many ground observers, but are often accompanied by electrical failures the likes of which are unheard of at these near foolproof facilities.

Several UFO researchers suggest The Manhattan Project, and by extension nuclear facilities, are the result of alien technology reverse engineered after the Roswell crash, and therefore the alien intervention of nuclear facilities is partially a race of extraterrestrial creatures attempting to clean up their own mess and give the human race, who achieved technological superiority far quicker than they achieved cooperative superiority a fighting chance.  As a result, so the internet rumors go, some people wonder if the facilities no longer carry functional nuclear weapons in not only this country, but in every country.  Of course this rumor is unconfirmed, since no evidence has been tracked down to this effect.

Regardless of whether or not these UFOs are actually causing any change, the result is nonetheless a series of reports coming out of military circles saying saucer or triangular shaped craft are emitting some sort of light or energy beam toward the facilities, and the silos in particular and the electricity within them temporarily shutting down.  Machine consoles allegedly blink and go off, and ultimately the entire system goes down for a period of seconds or even minutes afterward before returning just as suddenly and inexplicably to normal.

With these peculiar sightings, what can we expect from the military as a response.  There are two schools of thought on the matter.  One suggests that the military does have knowledge of alien intervention and understands they must be manipulating the show behind the scenes.  Of course the other school suggests they’re as in the dark as most of us in regards to the UFO phenomenon and its relation to nuclear technology.  In the second scenario, governments would be suspicious that the craft could be foreign technology, and as a result nuclear interference would add to international tension.  It seems, therefore, reasonable to suggest any UFO interference would be done with some level of transparency if the goal was to make nuclear war less likely.  Perhaps this sort of intervention would be the only way to guarantee nuclear arsenals gradually depleted.

Of course though it may be in our best interest, would such a move be inherently altruistic on the part of the extraterrestrials intervening?  Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.  If they traveled here, they may have done so at great expense of time and/or resources to themselves.  They may need us as much as we need them.  If any of the rumors of alien abduction are true, then it seems a nuclear war would not be in their best interest either.