Do You Believe in UFO’s ? what kind of a question is that anyway?

“Do you believe in UFO’s?”

What kind of a question is that?

I suppose it is a matter of semantics. I was asked this question once. “Do you believe in unidentified flying objects?” I don’t disbelieve in unidentified flying objects as there is nothing in the description to believe or unbelieve. I asked for further clarification. The reply was “do you think they are real?” This question also makes no rational sense in any context. I understand what the questioner really meant was “do you believe that reports people make of ufo sightings are attributable to real physical tangible spaceships somehow piloted by something non human; aliens, usually held to mean beings who have travelled from another part of space to planet earth” or from some other place / dimension.
I am sure that I don’t know what the real or possible multiple origin of ufo sightings are attributable to, but even trained observers and analysts alike will admit that a few percent of cases always remain unexplained after weather balloons and other anomalies have been discounted. Although countless hoaxes have been performed and (documented) over the years with varying underlying motivation, there exists a great many reports of individual and group experiences of all kinds from credible, often trained observers; many aircraft pilots from all over the world, of which many more keep their experiences to themselves for fear of ridicule. Reports of encounters with the purported occupants are also documented in the thousands but again are less frequently reported, perhaps for the reasons of unacceptability to the society’s perceived view of reality. There seems to manifest a temporal and cultural bias within an individuals experience along with many shared experiential details which appear to correlate across cultures and throughout history.

If experience occurs at the edge of an individual’s perception and beyond reconciliation with their ordinary world, (what is usually described as ”˜paranormal experience’) then it is not surprising that people report what is often at best a proxy for inexplicable and unusual things that have little or no frame of personal reference. Further, if an experience is denied to be ”˜qualitatively real’ by society and science in particular, then anomalous situations could be experienced as traumatic causing paradigm conflict. This could depend on the experiencer’s own world view including religious or scientific beliefs. This may explain the difference between abduction and contact. Or perhaps, multiple origins of experience with alternative motivations could explain why some people report trauma whilst others report enlightenment, or neutral experience. If science fiction touches closely on our experiences which relate to fears, hopes, expectations and extrapolations of known phenomena, it is again no surprise to find a rich vein of readily available nearby cultural references with readily attached symbolic meanings for us to hang our experiences upon. There is physical evidence but this tends to get ignored by most conscious people’s minds.
Why would there be a worldwide ufo cover up? Real live or worse (in the sense of more difficult to comprehend), metaphysical aliens could upset a great many people if not all, and for many complex reasons. There could be serious repercussions for the offices of law and order; religious consternation and science alike, all ill equipped to redefine physics/biology/philosophy as and when required in less than a week.
How does society and government in particular explain what its’ best people do not fully understand and probably have no safeguards against to a public who aren’t sure what they believe in anymore? Very subtly I would imagine and over many generations with a disclosure plan to slowly ease the public into awareness of a new world. A world with more than 3 dimensions, a world where all our perceived rules could be broken if understood correctly and completely. One day we may wake up to a world where we are not the only (or most sentient) beings, perhaps with a shared history unknown to us.
Questions upon questions and maybe answers to some of our deepest mysteries, where do we come from and why? Perhaps we would be wise to steer our children away from religious indoctrination, let them grow out of impressionability and at maturity come to their own conclusions. How would you react if you were told that the whole of humanity was an experiment in genetics, conducted by minds so large that our perception of its’ intentions become likened to a rat in a lab unaware of the potential of the data from the research carried upon it or indeed any idea of the research labs function or the idea of complex market forces combined with health benefits to the society that it exists within? With what tools could this be facilitated and how could a secret so expansive be kept? Well it couldn’t be forever. You can fool some of the people, all the time and all the people some of the time, but not everybody, always. If military were involved then resources could be prioritised to suit and the media is an obvious tool with its’ complicit devices. Cameras do lie, as do figures of authority in public. ‘don’t believe everything you read and only half of what you see (which half!)’ points out how easily people understand that our media is manipulated daily.
How convenient modern psychology is as a tool of rationalisation for those seeking to maintain hegemony. A youthful branch of (at best) a pseudo-science, dealing with the parts of ourselves the least documented, about our minds and spiritual inner lives. This semi-science which can be used to render irrelevant the views and experience of those people whose beliefs differ, to be cast aside as unfit. Ideas of experience as unfit seems counterproductive at the very least. Not to say that neurological problems don’t arise from conflict in the environment but all experience carries meaning, is imbued with some aspect of usefulness or truth and can be learned from by the experiencee(s), including those involved in analysis.
So ufos – aliens. I could provide exhaustive lists of possible origins, motivations, underlying causes for the ufo phenomenon but in isolation this would seem to omit the whole array of human experience in historical context and probable meanings. What is required to ‘begin’ to understand paranormal phenomenon is an overview of the history of altered perception. It is a very personal journey of exploration and relies on the observer to unlearn a lot of accepted ideas in order to examine experience from many angles. I will return at a later date to continue in more detail but in the meantime here are five purely theoretical concepts to entertain and illustrate how to confuse the issue, reading the following with a cosmic sense of humour helps retain focus.
scenario 1

aliens are communal insects that evolved beneath ground on earth during cataclysmic events millions of years ago. Similar to termites in origin they have a highly organised society with advanced technology driven in advance of our own due to reduced need for energy production and conservation due to stable interior temperatures. Shared identity through individual (genetic) molecular identity dictates a large format mind analogous to a queen who controls all actions within a colony and strict hierarchy enables co-ordinated control of technology by thought. Inter-dimensional travel is performed by means of subatomic structure control manifesting gravitational lensing effects (as seen in earths’ atmosphere) by observers.
scenario 2

the entity known as grey is a biological robotic entity engineered by an advanced race of human type alien people who are the ”˜seed’ race of human beings. These robotic beings are used to perform the monitoring and development of seedling human society and provide an abstracted representation from those who wish to remain unseen for complex theosophical reasons of stability and advancement of the human consciousness. Their advanced operation at frequencies higher than our own perceptive ability gives rise to ‘time slip’ or distorted perception if direct contact is made. Abductions occur frequently within human society as an engineering tool analogous to societal engineering progams designed to respond to current needs within society. The increasing trend in frequency of ufo reports globally reflects an explicit educative phase within human society development as part of a subtle introduction to our intended nature as guardians of earths resources and eventual dimensional explorers. The near future construction of Large Meteoric Threat Response Group will augur global co-operation in maintaining earth’s fragile ecosystem.
scenario 3

the Galactic council comprising representation of many technologically mature civilisations from star systems within the Milky Way are aware of recent human developments within technology. Concern about the potential of rocket propulsion and nuclear experiments with inevitable space exploration brought accelerated monitoring of earth. Previous civilisations have obliterated not only their own entire planets and solar systems but sterilised light years of space-time during their own early nuclear phase. Many planets are eventually rendered lifeless by means of over developed technology and lack of understanding. Certain elemental societies encourage this for their own purpose of recycling environments for their own uses, which are not interdependent with a given ecology. Galactic council mandate is thus to closely observe and if necessary intervene in events that govern safety of specified and nearby civilisations. This includes monitoring of facilities housing nuclear / gravitational / biological components. Explicit intervention is carefully compartmentalised so as not to unduly bias natural development, and is limited to subtle episodic experience where motivational influences affect individuals’ (and indirectly groups’) future behaviour, acting on the sensitive areas of subconscious these experiences are often reported as mystical or symbolic often containing revelations that are rapidly omitted from consciousness to manifest later when required.

scenario 4

Aliens and ufo’s are for all intents and purposes demons and angels complete with neo-physical technology, they have been fighting for control of our destiny since our inception; modification by ”˜god’s hundreds of thousands of years ago. Every major world religious work depicts a crude interpretation of our history and this cultural interpretation provides the major divide in world affairs. There are two distinct types. One group seeks to destroy life and has been banished from physical interference by way of frequency attenuation. Dark force has access to the material dimensions only through energy potential and continually seeks to create fear through conflict and destruction as a source of negative energy. On the contrary light beings have a vested interest in earths’ continued development as physical accretions or energy holding states of life; plants animals and greatly in humans provide a source of energy for creation and perpetuation of what can only be described in an abstract sense of ‘love, the ultimate creative force’.
This sense of non-physical, material balance cannot yet reveals its’ true nature for the reason that increased fear and negation of understanding further the cause of dark force.

scenario 5

the grays and their symbiotic craft are beings from a different dimension who came to pollinate our world in its early formation. They perform a function of large scale nature as yet unseen by the careful foldings of space-time. Analogous to pollinating insects with a responsibility on a scale to match, these specialised entities perform a timeless function observing and collecting life-strands from around the Universe. As scientists of the highest order their work is systematic and is carried out over immense timescales without emotion. Successful results and hybridisations destined to be exported to regions of suitable potential; sometimes these targets are young star systems, other times barren regions are populated as a by product. Human society is in effect partly their work and a completely natural occurrence, the attributes of civilisation and technology, carefully nurtured molecular events distilled from countless experiments and including such developmental factoring as war and religions, politics and currency, language and dreams.