Document Describes Terrifying Third Kind Encounter

A document revealed on the Mutual UFO Network‘s website tells of a disturbing encounter one witness had with mysterious beings that can only be described as the archetypal “Greys.”  The events the witness described were -to say the least- shocking and more than a little bit frightening.  As he detailed his account it seemed not only that the emotions in the story were fairly convincing, but it was disturbing on a level that would seem difficult to simply fabricate.

The events took place in 1976 in a small area of Red Brooke, New York.  The witness, who was a child at the time, was called down at night to the glass sliding door at the side of his house.  As he watched outside he noted a mysterious object had somehow descended very suddenly from the sky and made an impression on the ground in the yard adjacent.  The object was saucer shaped, and had three tripods on which it was resting.  And then as he continued to watch the mysterious events taking place outside his window, he caught sight of small beings standing outside the craft and scanning the area as though with voltmeters.  There were three at first, but soon another one emerged from the craft causing him to question whether the creatures could all fit inside the tiny ship.  Though it was certainly large enough to house them all, he couldn’t imagine them being able to comfortably move around in such a confined space.

As he continued to watch, he noticed that the creatures were now looking at him.  At first he was not afraid, thinking that the creatures seemed fairly friendly.  In fact, he was so confident that they were friendly, he didn’t even seem frightened when the small creatures – each approximately three and a half feet tall – started walking toward the house and the glass window he was standing against.  The creatures walked single file, each holding something in their hands except for the lead one, which didn’t seem to carry anything at all.  Within moments they were all standing in front of the glass window staring at him.  The witness then writes that he somehow knew he was supposed to unlock the glass door and let them in.  He knew they were waiting for him to do this so they could gain access to this house.  Standing back a bit, and still thinking they were friendly – although strange – he simply waited.  He wasn’t about to let the creatures into the house largely because they were, as he put it, strangers.

It’s about this point that the story takes a more disturbing turn.  Watching him and realizing he was not about to let them in, the creatures somehow managed to make the lock turn on its own from the locked position to an unlocked position.  After this point the door flew open and the creatures quickly surrounded him.  This was the last memory the witness reports having of the event.

Nightmarish, absolutely.  But could it all have simply been a child’s overactive imagination?  For a child to see four creatures attempting to gain entry to his house, this would have been nothing short of a full hallucination – if not a dream.  But whether or not the witness’ story actually can be verified, it leaves a chilling image in our minds – one few of us will be comfortable with and which will most certainly haunt the witness for some time.