Does UFO Phenomenon Arise from Secret Ability of Human Mind?

The number of publications about UFO in the newspapers and magazines has overstepped the limits. Judging by the publications one might suppose that humanoids only kidnap our people: at that reports of this kind are alternated with gloomy forecasts of forthcoming catastrophes. Our people are frequently scared with gloomy forecasts, and indistinct reports of people who witnessed UFO produce little impression on regular readers. To all appearances, the subject has already become boring. But we shouldn-t think so. Even if we admit that stories about UFO are just delusions, they all the same can give much food for reflection. Recently the UFO problem has become a subject for philosophic reflection, not just a sensation published in the gutter press.

Ufologists are no longer so much enthusiastic about witness reports concerning UFO that come from the data base of the Anomaly Research Institute in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov (the institute was established on a private basis in 1992). Within the past 17 years they heard so many stories from over 150 residents of Kharkov and the nearby places who came across mysterious phenomena which are still undiscovered. There were many attempts to explain the UFO phenomenon: not less than 30 hypotheses have been suggested within the 53 years since the first witnesses saying they saw UFO were registered. Director of the Kharkov Anomaly Research Institute, Vladimir Rubtsov says it-s time not only to collect instances of UFO witnessing, it-s time to derive necessary information from observations that are already available.

Indeed, over the past 50 years ufologists managed to collect about 500 thousand reports from people who witnessed anomalous phenomena (it-s for sure that in fact there were much more people who saw UFO or any other anomalous phenomena, but they didn-t inform specialists of those instances). From this amount, only five percent are actually anomalous and informative reports.

Among all reports from witnesses of UFO in Ukraine-s Kharkov region, Vladimir Rubtsov says that the incident registered in January 1990 was the most interesting one. A strange object landed on the ice of the Mzha river, not far from the city of Merefa. The object left mysterious traces where it touched the ice, those were concentric circles. It was rather unbelievable, but in five years once again witnesses reported about some strange flying objects in that very area. This time again researchers of anomalous phenomena saw similar traces on the ice after the objects landed on the river.

Ukrainian scientist Vladimir Rubtsov told Japanese physicist Kazuo Tanaka about the incident on the Mzha river. The Japanese scientist didn-t refute a UFO phenomenon, but he suggested a version of his own concerning the anomaly. He said that what people saw in the river was a natural phenomenon caused by specific processes in water. Vladimir Rubtsov can admit the version, however, more question arise in this connection which in their turn may put the theory of the Japanese scientist into question. First, it-s not clear in accordance to which mechanism those astonishingly even circles could be formed. Second, there are still witnesses saying they saw strange flying objects in that area. The third and the last question: why did this unusual phenomenon repeat in five years? Even if the phenomenon of circles on the river is explained with natural hydrophysics processes, why couldn-t they be seen in other years? The Japanese scientist failed to answer these questions.

To all appearances, the phenomenon of UFO has no limits. UFO pilots speak all languages of the planet, they posses knowledge about the whole of the Universe, about the past and the future of mankind. The phenomenon often follows the model of religious wonders each of us knows: UFO pilots walk on the water or through walls, penetrate into apartments of earthly people, etc.

Argentinean ufologist Jader Pereira says there are 13 types of looks of UFO pilots. These are dummy-like figures marching with their hands stretched along their sides; semi-humans or semi-robots; headless creatures; militant hairy dwarves, etc. Although there is plenty of information concerning UFO and their pilots, the conclusion isn-t comforting all the same: the cause of the UFO phenomenon is unknown and unlikely to be unveiled in the nearest future.

We can sum up that neither large-scale programs on which twenty Nobel Prize laureates work; nor correlation of witnessed UFO parameters on computers or telepathic communication with guests from the space will be able to solve the problem that radars, planes, astronomers or physical theories have failed to solve within such a long period of time. In other words, we have reached a sphere that is difficult for the rational understanding, the sphere of transcendental. At the end of the 1970s, American researchers have suggested another hypothesis on extraterrestrial civilizations and said UFO pilots kidnapped earthly people. In the words of Vladimir Rubtsov, ?kidnapping¦ is a mostly American phenomenon. Such incidents were infrequent in the Soviet Union, and are rare now on the territory of the post-Soviet republics. All attempts of scientists to explain the kidnapping phenomenon suggested another hypothesis explaining the whole of the UFO phenomenon. The essence of the phenomenon is that brain of a mentally health human can change the state of conscience under some definite conditions (it-s not ascertained what conditions exactly) and get information about the past, the future and the present moment. Those painful symptoms people feel after such contacts prove that the contact was hallucination in fact. All instances of visions occur in human brains, not in the real life. Researchers are trying to explain reasons of such visions with a hypothetical theory saying that there is some collective unconscious, some kind of an information field of the Earth, the Universe which human consciousness may reach and obtain information from it not only with the help of senses but also visually.