Doug Pederson’s UFO Video’s will be requested and shown if possible

Got lots of UFO video and recent My Hitachi 350a Mini DVD Camcorder has captured some pretty interesting video.

I have 2 CD”s containing the 20 or
so best, out of 100+ clips

The video has to be played back
at about 1/4 speed or you miss it.
(only the shiny silver ones are visible
at normal speed)

There are at least 4 different types ranging
from Very small to Much bigger.

They interact with a Sparrow and
the bird sees it. Another overtakes
a Crow in flight and checks it out.

I have video, where they approach
2 different hellicopters and a para-gluider.

The very best one, the Tobacco leaf shaped
one passes close to the camera. It”s image is
the size of a thumbnail and passes in 4/30
of a second. Then a few seconds later it
is 150 feet farther away, going straightup.
A couple seconds after that, it porposes thru
the bottom of a cloud, 1 1/2 miles away. This
thing was definitely at PLAY.

The first video was from mid July 2003
and the most recent is 21 December 2003
Most of the Video was taken in early
October 2003, that”s when I first noticed

If you are interested?

Let me know where and who to send it
to and I”ll pass it along with the Codec
that came with the camera. (Windows
needs it to display the video on your PC)

I have sent out between 15 and 20 copies
to various paranormal sites. A couple
skeptic / debunker sites have expressed
some interest, but yet to request a copy.

Just noticed your site or I would have
emailed you earlier.

Good Luck
And Happy New Year

Doug Pederson