The above was a very interesting article. Some of my peers suggested that Dr. Sobolev had access to a UFO and was deploying reverse engineered Alien technology. Which of course I found a very clever if humorous interpretation.

I find several exceptions to the announcement in as much as I have had an opportunity in the past to deploy technology in the gravity subordination, and transpatial fields, in various experimentation, and in the development of science in the area of trans-spatial breakthrough propulsion which also has some relevance to low cost energy.

I clearly see this announcement not as a challenge, but more as an invitation by Dr. Sobolev for a wide spectrum of international collaboration on a scientific and commercial level.

In any event, in spite of language barriers, I’d be interested in hearing more of what Dr. Sobolev has to say about these innovations his team and he have alleged to have discovered and I’ll, of course, be glad to reciprocate to the extent I am allowed, however I would suggest that if a dialog by web is to occur that both sides be willing to accept the limitations that the other has on them as to the depth of disclosure, to ensure that at least some ideas are able to be exchanged academically and to our both benefit without either of our respective countries being worried about the possibility of damage to its respective economic position.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Jack A. Shulman
CEO / VP Engineering R&D
American computer
Cranford, NY