Dramatic UFO Sightings on Both Coasts

Two UFO sightings have come up recently, one happening earlier this year and the other happening fairly recently.  They both happen on the coasts, and the dramatic nature as well as the fact that they were seen by multiple witnesses makes them worth reporting.  Those submitting these stories were clearly effected deeply by their experiences and understandably shaken by their brush with something they quite simply couldn’t explain.

The first sighting occurred earlier in the year on June 19th in Florida.  A teenage girl, whose name shall remain anonymous to protect her identity, was watching television with her family when suddenly the phone rang.  Her mother, picking up the phone answered and soon it became apparent an excited conversation was happening on the phone.  The girl left, thinking they may have been talking about a fire in the woods somewhere and walked into the other room.  As she entered, she suddenly had this strong feeling to go to the window and look out.  As she stood in front of the window she saw an object hovering above the trees.  From the object she felt a presence, as though something were staring at her from within.  Terrified she ran back to the living room, but felt the same presence there as the windows faced the same tree line.  She didn’t have a chance to look out, however, as just then her three relatives, including an aunt and her brother walked in talking about a UFO they had just seen.  Excitedly they related a mysterious glowing disc-shaped object with lights on the underside and another set of spinning lights beneath it.  The brother had taken a picture, but had to delete it because it didn’t look like much of anything and was heavily blurred.  In the end, this witness reported that the sighting rekindled a lifelong fascination with UFOs that had been in remission for several years.

The second was from a motorist who was traveling home after a long day of work at around 6:30 in Southern California.  In the Eastern sky he spotted an object hovering at an estimated altitude of 300 feet.  The object appeared to have “animated” lights along the bottom of it which spun around what could have been the object’s base, or simply another part of the whole.  The traffic on the highway had slowed significantly as people in other cars were taking notice and also attempting to figure out what the object could possibly be.  As the witness watched, he recorded video of the object on his phone, but didn’t get much footage as his phone wasn’t made for night shooting.  It started moving ahead of the witness’ position and they intersected with the same point fairly close to one another so he could actually see the object pass directly above him before continuing away from him on the same heading.

Both of these witnesses reported their findings within the past 24 hours, and both were clearly effected by their dramatic brush with craft that defied explanation.  If there’s anything to be learned from this it’s the limitation of the current video technology, combined with a lack of training for aerial phenomena.  As we progress, however, and each of us becomes more accustomed to photographing all sorts of moments, expected and unexpected, photographs and video have the potential of turning out better in the future.  In the mean time, all we’re left with is the jaw dropping testimony of witnesses like these.