Eclipse Watchers Spot Stranger Phenomenon in Sky

Two witnesses out looking to see what they could find of the Lunar Eclipse event earlier this week reported to MUFON that they had seen more than just a distant object in the sky, they suggested that they may have in fact seen another object from much farther away move down near the ground just a few feet away.  The event left both of them wondering about their own place in the universe, and looking for answers only to be confronted by an unchanging wall of mystery.

The event started, according to the report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network, with both witnesses assembled in the backyard looking up at the Lunar Eclipse.  The event happened once in a great long while, o it was immediately apparent that something was wrong when they suddenly chanced to look up and saw a strange unidentified flying object slowly swooping down and hovering in the distance behind the trees.  The object was -like so many others witnessed during the UFO flap in New York, difficult to see by itself.  And yet, as it hovered, they were able to make out a pair of amber lights and another strange light with a mysterious glow about it beneath the craft.  As they watched, the strange light suddenly swooped down and seemed to coast right behind the tree-line in the distance.  Frightened, the witnesses looked to one another  as if to ask, “What was that?’  They did, not however, notice anything else strange about the object.  As they continued watching, the strange object simply vanished behind the trees in the distance with no clues left behind as to what the object was or why it had been visiting their city in the midst of a very significant lunar event.

It was curious to both witnesses that there was no evidence that the object had any purpose in the area other than to seemingly watch the watchers of the Lunar Eclipse.  As the object disappeared and the witnesses reportedly saw nothing more of the strange events that evening, they wondered aloud whether the object had been of this world.  The event happened, as so many others this week did, in New York.

If there were a Lunar event taking place, it seems there would be few better places to see it than the ground level of Earth in places where cloud cover was forgiving and offered a view of the distant body.  As the witnesses left that night, they couldn’t help but wonder if the stellar sights they had seen were merely limited to the moon itself.  The object, with its four lights was definitely unique among the other objects, which were more defined by their disc-like shape and seen more often during the day than at night.

Other witnesses reported seeing distant brilliant sparkling lights as if from the reflective surface of a flying disc and strange glowing objects at sunset and sunrise.  This latest sighting suggested, however, that the objects seen could have actually been buzzing the ground as well as the skies.