End of The World!

Imagine aliens taking over the planet. Imagine robotic and advanced creatures lurking around and casting a spell of doom on earthlings. Something to brain storm about all right, but definitely not very welcome in reality! Well, man has on record a number of alien sightings that have captured the imagination of many an author, poet and film maker. The records on alien sightings and those of the unidentified flying objects that they are supposed to visit us in have a lot in common. Should there be a final take over, or should they really attack, considering all that we know, we would have to be more vigilant and alert than we already are.

This is based on the fact that all the sightings of unidentified flying objects on record mention erratic movements of the flying saucers and the tremendous speed with which the alien vehicles whiz past. The eye witness accounts go on to be similar to their appearances in open areas, away from civilization. So, should there really be a take over to spell the end of our living world, how on earth are we to decipher where and when!

The records of eye witness accounts of alien abduction and sighting of the aliens themselves , all specify the advanced telepathy and ability to communicate without the use of any medium. If this is really so, then how do we motivate all the earthlings to develop the skill. The only recourse is in the fact that the authorities at NASA and the government officials all over the world keep shrugging such claims off. They are either put off as distorted memories and default personality traits or as very imaginative minds.

Time and again, there have been structures unearthed on earth that unveil the possibility of alien visits, like the Stone Henge. Crop patterns overnight and dust from outer space in crevices and craters are all food for thought. However, in the meanwhile, we are sure capitalizing on the possibility. There is a dedicated industry out there catering to the believers and adding fuel to their already explosive thoughts.

There are a number of online and offline forums and rostrums that enable enthusiasts to interact on the possibility of the end of the human world and the possible solution to the take over. Well, the solution definitely lies in the wishful thinking that they would come announced. However, should they otherwise, then it certainly would be each one for himself and God for us all!

The end of the world is not a very welcome thought, but definitely not one that could be dismissed with ease. Knowing the kind of endeavors made by NASA and the government projects the world over, we are prepared. No matter how much the authorities try to keep things under wraps, the seekers will keep establishing contact and documenting finds or experiences. Denial only means delayed action in case of such an eventuality. But knowing man, as at the apex of all the creatures on earth, we will find a way out , either by merging and joining forces or total annihilation of the human race after a tough fight.