“ET Phoned My Home”

When the witness from Angel Fire New Mexico answered her phone’s answering machine in order to see what messages had been left to her by friends and relatives, she was shocked to discover a series of disturbing sounds emanating out from the machine.  The mysterious message left to her was traced, and she believes it may have something to do with the recent series of UFO sightings she has seen around town.

Sending in the report, the witness submitted in her report to MUFON alongside a recording of the strange message that she received the messages at 5:12 and 5:13 respectively on Thursday August 19th.  The message itself contained no words, at least none in English, and to the listener comes across mostly as a series of choatic chirps and growls that seem quite different from the soothing almost melodic voices that are often associated with extraterrestrial visitors.  Instead it sounds almost like it’s coming from several mouths all speaking the same voice in unison.  Of course this is possible with today’s technology, but the witness upon hearing the messages clearly associated the mysterious sound with the UFOs she had been seeing recently.  The sightings, according to the wtiness’ report have all happened within the city limits of Angel Fire New Mexico.

The witness would then take the recordings and transfer them onto a digital tape recorder.  The digital tape player would then catch every mysterious detail of what could have been anything if taken out of context but to the witness was a possible attempt at communication from unknown and possibly inhuman visitors.  Those wishing to know how much a phone call from an alien planet would cost long distance should be informed that the call was then traced by the witness and turned out to belong to a land line in Southern California.

The sheer strangeness of this story and the fact that the phone call was coupled with several UFO sightings in the city of Angel Fire New Mexico is the entire foundation for this story’s credibility and the sole purpose that the witness believes it to be alien in nature.  In reality, when taken out of context the message sounds like it could have been any number of crossed lines or digital errors that would cause a mysterious message to suddenly appear on the machine.

While the account certainly isn’t world changing and could just as easily be a long distance prank call, the sheer strangeness of the disturbing message (available on MUFON) and the conviction of the witness are enough to make this simple curiosity worthy of a second look if not for its credibility than for its sheer strangeness and the disturbing message itself.  It sounds almost as though the message begins with “Why did you leave me?” before jumping into a garbled series of chirps and almost growling sounds.  Of course the corruption of the lines themselves may have played a part in the eventual message being even more corrupted in the end.  In fact the second message seems to have several problems with the recording as it reached the answering machine.