ET- stories fact or fiction

ET or extra terrestrial and UFO sightings that have gone on record and are consistently deliberated upon have all added to the intrigue and interest of the avid night sky-watchers. The sightings are actually referred to as the ‘close encounters of the fifth kind’! They reveal to believers the existence and visits to planet earth aliens from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. It is also interesting to note that even as you lend a thought to the subject ‘ET-stories, fact or fiction’ the possibility of communication from ‘beyond’ via integrated consciousness cannot be denied. Our sense of insecurity and our belief in the possible visits are very lured by the cold space and void that surrounds the planet. We have more than ever before indulged in the recent past on the idea of a possible and final ‘take-over’.

The human race believes in exclusive ‘ownership rights’ on the planet, being the self claimed ‘most advanced and evolved life forms on planet earth’. We have claimed territory on the planet in the past and indulged in warfare and the useless loss of life, and this is where the notion of a take over and the thought ‘Do the UFO sightings spell the end of the world?’ arise from.

The much reviewed and demanded ‘Operation Right to Know’ was media hype in the 1900s, with dedicated viewers and readers of documentaries on the recorded sightings demanding the right to probe into the available information on UFOs and aliens with the NASA authorities and government projects of the military exercises that were maintained as ‘top secret’. We have consistently reacted to the explosive content of box office grosser like Star Wars, Predator v/s Alien and Independence Day, of course not forgetting the most lovable ET; if only our visitors were in fact like what Mr. Spielberg imagines them to be! These movies and the sci-fi extravaganza on the celluloid have trapped human imagination.

The humanoid cases on record and the various UFO sightings and the FAA announcements never seem to strike a balance. They only end up adding to the intrigue of believers. The belief that the alien sightings and those of the UFOs spell the speculated ‘end of the world’ is not new. There are a number of online and offline forums and memberships available for deliberation on ‘ET-stories, fact or fiction’. The UFO watchers are in a league by themselves, interestingly with no conventional explanation to offer. The quick navigation of the UFOs that have gone on record by the avid sky-watchers only adds fuel to fire. UFO enthusiasts are known to promote their own theories via the media- books, movies, documentaries and the toy industry.

UFOs and aliens are a part of our psyche, with the recorded contacts seen as signs of the final annihilation of the planet and in a way making us more aware of the damage we ourselves are doing to the planet and the life sustaining environment and resources. We need to realize that whether fact or fiction, we can only deliberate on that which is not acceptable to the logical mind, but we can address the depletion of the ozone, the depletion of the natural resources and the very quality of human life!