Ex Norad Official: Alien Contact October 13th

Update: 10/13/2010- UFO’s are being reported from many parts of the world. Watch the story develop here. https://www.unexplainable.net/UFO-Alien/UFO-s-Over-Ney-York–Oct-13-2010–Video.shtml

Original Article:

A former NORAD officer has come forward saying that he has been in contact with aliens, and that they have decided to prove their existence by making themselves known to the world on October 13, 2010.  The declaration has raised expectations among many UFO believers who suggest his declaration has come as a result of hard work and research paying off (as well as being in contact with them through a channeler.)

The channeler has revealed that an alien race known as the ‘Transcenders’ will be making an appearance here on Earth in a way that will remove all doubt that aliens exist for millions of Americans and others worldwide.  The mysterious and somehow vaguely ominous declaration begs the question, are we ready for such an alien visit?  And if we aren’t ready yet, what changes must our culture make before we can be comfortable with ourselves in the growing cosmic stage.

Stanley Fulham has been researching his book, as an article from UFO Digest suggests, and come to the conclusion that the Transcenders who have come to our planet are warning us that millions of other planets and civilizations have died prematurely when they allow their carbon emissions to go out of control and destroy their planet.  Then, upon seeing the same happening to Earth they feel it is necessary to warn Earthlings that a similar thing is happening here.  According to Fullham, the aliens have been down here so for years and aren’t going to sit idly by while we destroy ourselves.

But October 13th as a timeline to do this is an incredibly soon period of time.  With cosmic awareness still having a long way to go and feelings about the alien phenomenon ranging from friendly skepticism to belief to outright vehement annihilation of beliefs to all things alien or extraterrestrial.  Several skeptics have even come forward as saying something along the lines of, “Even if an alien walks right up to us, we’ll still be skeptics about the whole thing because it’s simply too crazy to believe.”  Such extreme skepticism seems like a problem which will no doubt be addressed.in due time in the event of a massive revelation of alien nature and possibly extraterrestrial origin.

With October 13th mere weeks away, this case of disclosure might remind some people of the “alien disclosure before the end of the year” prediction in 2009.  By Halloween the prediction was making waves in several paranormal talk radio shows, but the full disclosure that was being predicted never occurred.  With some level of disappointment UFOlogists, some of which had believed the “end of the year” prediction welcomed the new year with no real sign of alien intervention on the large scale.

So will October be the same way?  Fulham says the day will result in several of the Transcenders descending and appearing corporeally around the world.  With their massive ships they will bring with them a considerable amount of their technology, but more importantly a message about how to avoid the end of the world.

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