EXAMINER: Disclosure technology reveals Mars,UFO connection

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May 10, 2:26 PM

Vancouver UFO Examiner

Jon Kelly

Feedback from audience members who watched an online UFO video revealed
secret Mars-related messages encrypted within their spoken testimonies.
The newly released video “UFO Lands at ECETI Ranch Part 2” was recorded
during the 2009 Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference
in Trout Lake, WA. The preliminary findings presented in this article
discuss mirror filtering of audio and visual recordings as a scientific
methodology with practical applications in UFO disclosure research.

In the video, an infrared night vision camera follows a
team of international observers as they interact with a hovering UFO.
During the sighting, multiple light phenomena are captured in close
proximity to the camera including UFO signaling, flyby and landing

Following its online release, research was conducted in order to solicit
testimonies from audience members. Participants were asked to call a
toll-free number and leave a message up to 2 minutes in length
describing what they saw in the video. Those recordings were then
subject to analysis and interpretations using voice-based disclosure
technology employing an audio mirror filter to detect unconscious
communications representing potentially secret UFO information.

Message in the mirror

During recording of the audience statements, the analytical procedure
charted a graph representing the signal from each speaker’s voice where x
= time and y = frequency. The computer-generated chart was then
reflected through the y axis where the mirrored signal was then subject
to monitoring in order to detect intelligent communications. This
procedure was conducted in compliance with the study produced by Kourosh
Saberi and David R. Perrott published as “Cognitive restoration of reversed speech“, in Nature
398 (29 April 1999) 760. Regarding their observations, the authors
stated that “We have studied the intelligibility of speech, and find it
is resistant to time reversal of local segments of a spoken sentence”.

What the messages said

In her recorded testimony, one of the participants stated “I also saw
dolphins. I had mentioned that I saw Mother and that it was a very
strong feeling of Mother. And I also saw a dolphin-like movement from
the ship conveying playfulness. That was the main theme. Very beautiful
and I can’t wait to attend in person.”

When the phrase “I also saw dolphins. I had mentioned that I saw Mother
and that it was a very strong feeling of Mother” is played through the
mirror filter it reveals the message “Her land. Mars – had a mission there” (click link
to listen to audio).

Another participant stated “But this one’s really interesting mainly
because of the colors and it actually, it does, from the video at least,
the presentation of the video makes it seem as if it’s interacting with
the crowd. I love the colors, I mean you’re pretty much getting
everything in the RGB spectrum and um …”

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