EXAMINER: Eagle as icon of missing time explored through ECETI UFO video and witness statements

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July 21, 1:01 AM

Jon Kelly

Missing time, near-death experiences and UFO’s color the witness
statements of Talen Couey, a Portland, OR musician who visited
the ECETI Ranch in
Trout Lake, WA. Couey attended the 2010 Science, Spirit and World
Transformation Conference along with
300 international participants (including numerous Canadians and
Vancouver residents) over the July 4th long weekend. Couey is featured
in a new video from the
event showing UFO’s flying near Mt. Adams, changing colors and flashing
iconic symbols in the sky. He also spoke recently to the Secret
Message Report
describing his UFO experiences within the context of a journey of
personal spiritual discovery unfolding over the course of the young
man’s lifetime.

Missing time and UFO’s

concept of missing time as a characteristic of UFO contact was
popularized through the 1966 book
“The Interrupted Journey”, which told the story of Betty and Barney
Hill and their 1961 encounter with extraterrestrials. Key evidence in
the story was revealed under hypnosis through sessions the Hills
undertook with Dr. Benjamin Simon, a Boston psychotherapist. The popular
book was made into a 1975 television movie featuring actor
James Earl Jones in the role of Barney Hill.


Hypnosis, as used in the Hill case, remains a
popular procedure amongst contemporary UFO abduction researchers.
Proponents include Budd Hopkins, Deborah Lindemann, Dolores Cannon,
Barbara Lamb, Mary Rodwell and the late Dr. Karla Turner, who once said
of hypnosis that, “[I]t may be the only tool we have to get certain
pieces of information (or levels of information) back up to the
conscious state.”

A better approach?

has reported several instances where a less invasive approach has been
used successfully to reveal the unconscious secrets of UFO experiencers.
A series
of informative articles shows a new procedure that monitors peoples’
spoken testimonies through a mirror filter to detect unconscious
communications. Clinical services available now help members of the
public navigate the unconscious corridors of personal UFO contact,
illuminated by guidance provided by their own inner voice, from any
location in the world where telephone services are available.

Hills revisited

A demonstration of mirror-filtered
communications extracted from the statements of Barney Hill as given
under hypnosis reveals new dimensions of communications hidden within
existing evidence from the famous case, one that placed the topics of
UFO abduction and missing time on the cultural map of western