EXAMINER: Eisenhower, Greys, missiles and time mirrors

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May 25, 12:25 PM

Jon Kelly

Two online videos featuring political figures from Canada and the United
States discussing government involvement with UFO’s and
extraterrestrials provide fertile ground for exploration through a
communications mirror. Secret messages unconsciously encrypted in the
audio soundtracks from Canada’s former Minister of National
and a purported retiring New
Hampshire state legislator describe “alien greys” while pointing to a
variety of other topics including extraterrestrial interference with US
nuclear weapons systems.

About the speakers

The Honorable Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Minister of National Defence
under Prime Minister Lester Pearson and former Deputy Prime Minister
under Pierre Trudeau spoke on-camera with Italian journalist Paola Harris
on a wide range of topics including the need for government
transparency regarding the history of human contact with
extraterrestrials in the modern era.

This was not the first time Hellyer had given such remarks. In 2005,
Paul Hellyer made several public statements regarding UFO’s including
his comments at an Exopolitics
conference held at the University
of Toronto
where he warned the audience about US plans for the
militarization of space.

In the second video, a man described as retiring New
Hampshire state legislator “The Honorable Henry W. McElroy, Jr.” gave
his testimony regarding the existence of a briefing to President
Eisenhower which outlined the extraterrestrial presence and suggested
that a meeting between the President and the extraterrestrials could be

At the time of this writing, a Google search reveals that the Eisenhower/alien
disclosure video is the only online video recording available for any
person identified as former New Hampshire state legislator Henry W.
McElroy, Jr. There appear to be few avenues available for vetting the identity of this speaker. However, we
shall see that the results from an analysis of these remarks appear
consistent with those from someone intimately familiar with the
government’s secret extraterrestrial knowledge.

Time mirror is key

Are there intelligence implications to joint US/Canadian UFO statements
in terms of North American access to advanced war-fighting technologies
of grey alien civilizations through a deal signed by President
Eisenhower? The mirrored timing of tandem US/Canadian online UFO
statements is a key consideration in evaluating these events.

Uploaded to the internet only days apart, the video “Paul Hellyer
interviewed by Paola Harris May 2010” is much easier to authenticate
than the presentation entitled “Former Legislator Makes Statement on
Un-Released Eisenhower Brief “. Yet both reveal secret details when
viewed under an applied audio mirror filter.

The details of these communications are unconscious and involuntary.
Related common phenomena include Freudian
, sleep talking and body
. In the context of UFO discovery and exploration for
educational, scientific and artistic purposes these messages provide
sonic gateways to deep experiential knowledge beyond the limits of
conscious awareness.

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