EXAMINER: Golden UFO imaged over Vancouver reveals iconic details

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A golden UFO imaged over the Greater Vancouver area reveals iconic
details in a still photograph recorded on a digital camera. In the
photo, a disc-shaped UFO is seen in profile emitting a golden corona
with features including a seven waveform emission of light visible in
the bottom of the coronal burst along with ripples of light in the
nearby atmosphere.

This recording was made at 5AM PST on the
morning of November 23rd, 2003 at a park in Richmond, BC. The method
employed to produce this image integrated a Sanskrit chanting
procedure where the sound of the human voice played a key role in image
production. The photo itself reveals a face in the UFO’s corona that
appears to be vocalizing and generating descending waves of light
through that vocal expression.

The UFO appears to be exiting from a
dimensional stargate at the end of a wormhole suggested by the long,
twisted cone-shaped form defined by vertical bands to the right of and
above the UFO.

Serpent in the Crown

From an iconic
perspective, the UFO’s coronal emission displays a multi-layered crown
including a uraeus-like serpentine
form at its peak. In ancient Egypt, the uraeus is the symbol of the
snake-goddess Wadjet.
In ancient Greece, the goddess of knowledge, Athena, is portrayed emerging
from the forehead of Zeus
. From the perspective of yoga poetics and
physiology, the attribution of goddess-like qualities to the head of a
crowned leader implies the ascent of the Kundalini
shakti to either the brow or the crown chakra.

Full kundalini
shakti immersion in the crown chakra, from the perspective of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, defines a state of absolute
liberation and complete immersion in infinite bliss, an incomprehensible
state beyond the mind itself.

Behind Ajina cakra,
there is soma CAKRA and SOMA CAKRA. Guru Cakra is just above the Soma
Cakra, In the seed vessel of the Sahasrara Cakra, there is Paramashiva
(Supreme Shiva) and Paramapadna (Supreme Rank) in the midpoint of the
three crests. In the midpoint of crest there is a storehouse of Amrta
(nectar). Kun’dalinii becomes crazy to drink the nectar when she is
aroused from hibernation. When she reaches Sahasra’ra Cakra, she starts
drinking the nectar and becomes intoxicated that she forgets her own
existence. She merges in the ocean of Amrta.

expression relates to the birth of the goddess Sophia
of the Latin philosophia as well as the Marian
apparition of Orthodox Christianity that marks the initiation into
intuition or true knowledge. In the Shivopadesha of yoga, intuitional perception is key
to Atmajinana or “Self-Knowledge”.

Below the UFO’s crown is the face in
the corona, the face of the “being in the crown”. In the context of
yoga poetics this means the Cosmic entity who resides within the crown
or Sahasrara chakra. The face is tranquil with eyes
downcast conveying a sense of profound peace to the observer. The
luminous waveforms from the mouth of this being also suggest the visual
signatures from a song of multi-dimensional creation.

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