EXAMINER: UFO displays stargate map

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May 20, 3:16 PM

Vancouver UFO Examiner

Jon Kelly

A flaming jet of material shot from a UFO provides a conceptual diagram
for accessing higher states of consciousness while also serving as a
visual reference to onboard UFO stargate propulsion systems. The new video
“UFO shoots flaming jet” shows the jet emerging from a dark portal in
the UFO’s luminous body at a time when the UFO is seen powering up by
observers on the ground.

This event was recorded during a multi-night skywatch (May 15th-18th)
where numerous power-ups and fly-overs by brightly lit objects were
observed at a remote canyon location in the Southwest Okanagan region of
British Columbia. Participants in the skywatch event included Les, a
Vancouver-based UFO experiencer whose catalog of daylight UFO sighting
videos appears on Youtube. In a time when leading personalities from
the scientific community are questioning the ethics of contact with extraterrestrial
civilizations, civilian skywatchers such as Les are engaging in what
appears to be UFO communications taking place here on Earth.

Powering Up

During the power-up, the UFO magnifies its light output dramatically
increasing visibility for a brief period before disappearing into the
night sky. The UFO was observed repeating this pattern over irregular
intervals on several nights defying explanation as a satellite, airplane
or meteor.

To an observer on the ground, a power-up looks like a pulsing halo-like
effect expanding and contracting a corona or crown of light surrounding
the UFO. When viewed through the lens of an infrared camera however, a
discrete jet of material is visible while it exits from a dark portal in
the UFO’s luminous body.

Visually isolating the jet from the corona involved following digital
editing procedures that isolate and enhance the color infrared data
recorded by the camera. Although it was invisible to the naked eye, the
jet’s impact on the surrounding atmosphere resulted in a brilliant
coronal burst seen as a halo-like power-up in visible light.

Stargate Propulsion

In one video still frame, a twisted jet of material is seen exiting a
portal in the side of the UFO’s luminous body. The jet could represent
particles accelerated by powerful corkscrew magnetic fields surrounding
the portal, which is actually a dimensional stargate integrated into the
UFO’s propulsion system. These jets might ionize the atmosphere
surrounding the UFO, creating the luminous coronal effect most often
detected by the naked eye during power-up events.

Science Daily tells us that “supermassive black
holes expel powerful jets of particles at nearly the speed of light”.
The authors continue, stating “The leading theory says the particles are
accelerated by tightly-twisted magnetic fields close to the black hole
…” and that “astronomers have watched material winding a corkscrew
outward path …”

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