EXAMINER: UFO’s on video reveal Vancouver City Hall’s Mesoamerican connections

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Daylight UFO recorded on video over Vancouver, BC by Les, interviewed on The Secret Message Report. Photo: Video Still by Les

“I saw a UFO light up over top of City Hall,” says “Les”, a UFO videographer based in Vancouver. Les spoke to The Secret Message Report , Podcast Edition, describing a viewpoint from his balcony “that has been producing sightings since 2006.”Also featured in a new episode of Secret Message TV , Les shares exclusive research exploring the relationship between his UFO videos and Quetzalcoatl, a Mesoamerican divinity whose name means “feathered serpent”. Secret Message TV was recently recognized as YouTube’s #5 Most-Subscribed Canadian Director for August, 2010.

UFO Corridor

The podcast discussion focused on the 1937 Leonard Lamoureux image of a UFO in flight over city hall.
This image, featuring a recognizable architectural landmark, sets a
historic precedent for the kind of sighting that Les described as an
hourly occurrence over his location. UFO Digest reports that “[Mr.
Lamoureux along with his brother] had setup his camera facing the
Vancouver courthouse. Suddenly, a “bright blue light” descended rapidly
and increased in size. The brothers observed that the source of the
light was “two saucers” with open ends, facing each and glowed bright
blue. The craft moved diagonally from the courthouse to the city hall
and hovered momentarily in front of Leonard. It sat in the air suspended
above a flag pole. Leonard snapped the picture! It then suddenly and
shot up into the sky and vanished. It spooked the brothers so much that
they fled in terror.”

It Was Going On

“It took a moment to gain its intensity and then it also faded in its
intensity even though that only lasted about a second, second and a
half, that’s what I perceived. It was like a burst, a power-up. It was
really beautiful and bright, he continued. “It was very close. It was
above City Hall. It wasn’t any further than City Hall, but it was quite a
bit above.” It wasn’t the only image Les observed that day as he
stated, “I’ve never had a day like that where I felt so on and almost in
between worlds and actually able to manifest some stuff.”

Exclusive Slideshow

A sequence of video images recorded by Les are included in the slideshow
accompanying this article. Of these images, Les wrote Examiner.com
stating “I have found some items of interest. First of all, this object
appears so much like a group of balloons that even as crazy as I am I
find it hard to believe it is a UFO but it is. I condensed the footage
down to a small file and I find that that helps me to see objects
exiting from the ufo. I have found many, many moments where there are
spheres exiting as well as long trails of some sort of “exhaust”. I made
some still frames of a few of those moments and I have included them

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