EXAMINER: Vancouver audio mirrors Ontario man’s UFO, abduction experiences

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Remarks from an Ontario man who photographs UFO’s were studied in a
Vancouver-based private
audio lab
then reviewed along with the results during a fast-paced
and revealing one-hour radio interview. Mirror-encrypted messages that were discovered during the
investigation were played on the air. Their contents suggest that this
Canadian UFO experiencer might have unconscious memories from being on
board a UFO and interacting with its occupants.

Paul Shishis, a
married father of two from Scarborough, Ontario joined host Jon Kelly on
Secret Message Report
radio show to talk about his UFO experiences
as well as those of his friends and coworkers. Shishis agreed to review
the secret messages detected in his voice and shared some of his dream
experiences as well. Lucid memories of dreams along with personal
intuitions color Shishis’ interpretation of the UFO events that have
been with him since the late 1970’s and perhaps even earlier.


During the interview, Paul Shishis related
this story about possible UFO abduction in the workplace:

a story of a guy in my place of work I think he left because I think he
was feeling he was being abducted in our place of work, including his
girlfriend. And what happened was on December 21st 2005, while she was
waiting outside at quarter to five outside of our workplace, as it was
just hitting dusk. She calls on her cellphone into our workplace to have
him come out because she can see an object shaped like a cross. And so
we all scrambled outside and he went over to where she was in the car.
And she’s pointing through the windshield and he’s looking up. Me and
the other two guys that are looking don’t see anything and it’s cold so
we go back in. And I ask the guys what’s going. He goes “I don’t know
man. She something up in the sky. She’s pretty flipped out about it.”
And I said “well what did she see?”. He says it looked like a cross. …
He goes “Actually that night when she came out of the shower man, she
had this scratch and bruise on her inner thigh … He goes “I notice
when I woke up I had this bruise.” He says what freaked me out , I don’t
know how I got the mark” but he said “It disappeared after a day and
reappeared another side of his other arm.”


Paul has actively sought witness feedback
regarding his experiences. Shishis even says that he spoke to Victor Viggiani about his childhood nightmares.
Viggiani was the co-organizer of the Exopolitics Toronto Symposium which featured the
public emergence of former Canadian Minister of Defence, Paul Hellyer,
calling for an end to the UFO cover up:

I told him
about these bug-eyed creatures. Even the way they walked seem robotic.
One that was holding me when I looked in the face it was hideous with
large eyes like, you’ve probably seen a praying mantis, like wrap-around
eyes. And it was a stare like a “how dare you stare at me” kind of
stare. It was very frightening. I could only move my eyes.

the interview, after discussing his messages Shishis begins to access
memories of a traumatic dream from when he was four years old:

in a dark place and I see a white light. A very round, very bright
within the white light. Doesn’t shine outside it. Illuminating. And I
see it moving like a pendulum. And I believe I can almost hear a sound
like going woooooshhhh woooooshhhh woooooshhhh moving back and forth
like a pendulum. But it’s getting bigger. And it’s getting closer. Until
finally like I’m watching it and I’m figuring in the dream it’s a
comet. And its getting bigger and bigger ‘til it totally encompasses me
and then it feels like its landing on me crushing against my whole
body. And my chest especially, a crushing sensation to the chest. And in
the dream I’m screaming blue murder. And I wake up in a sweat in my bed
screaming for my parents. And within probably they were both in my room
in the middle of the night. And I remember distinctly my father said,
“Should we take him to the hospital?”.