Extra-terrestrial Theories

There are a number of eye-witnesses of UFO and alien sightings all over the world. A UFO is defined as an unidentified flying object that is perceived as a possible alien spacecraft. Over the years, it has been proved that these objects include meteors or disintegrating satellites. Sometimes they have even been proven as birds, aircraft and weather balloons. The world of science proves them to be nothing beyond moving objects within the visible electromagnetism of our atmosphere!

Surprisingly, so far nothing has been positively identified as an alien spacecraft by science. There has been no report or documented evidence of any recurring identical UFO experience anywhere in the world. And, neither has there ever been any physical evidence in support of a UFO landing. 

Ufology is nothing more than the mythology of the space age, for many skeptics. The ‘sighted’ extraterrestrials are supposedly no more than the products of the creative imagination, according to NASA. Nevertheless, it cannot be disputed that the very thought of alien visit gives man a probe into the understanding of the ‘space’ that engulfs our existence. Simply put, it is a part of our quest for mystery and transcendence, transporting us to other realms.

The reported objects or lights seen in the sky are always reported as trajectory and dynamic, accompanied by luminance. The appearances have never appealed to the logical minded. They remain mystifying to the eyewitnesses, who are speechless on the fact that scrutiny of all available evidence refuses any common sense identification.

The world goes by the theory that when you sight something which the so-called’ intelligent people cannot or refuse to explain or accept, then the object could possibly be a UFO. These sightings are known to defy the very laws of physics and direct violations to the law of nature!

Most ufologists work upon the following:

The testimony of eyewitnesses of aliens and flying saucersFacts about the people who testifyLack of contrary testimony or physical evidence like the presence of a weather balloon, meteor shower, etc.

Weak arguments of skeptics.

It seems more reasonable to indulge in the thought that the only reason behind denials of these sightings is the lack of evidence. The alleged alien abductees are not insane or victims of delusion, according to dedicated ufologists. However, it cannot be denied that most sane and normal people are deluded about many things in the environment!

Well, the subject of UFOs and the related theories and sightings is a kind of religion. The topic has a rostrum almost everywhere these days. It is quite an important subject to consider, with more and more reports of the ‘unearthly’ sightings making their way to the headlines. UFOs and aliens are always discussed amidst forums that end up with heated discussions on the subject. After religion and political views, the extraterrestrials are definitely a sensitive topic for discussion and deliberation.

We have to admit though that with or without visiting planet earth, our possible inter-galactic brethren sure know how to make news and get our attention to the beautiful night-sky.