Extraterrestrial Warnings of Change – Not New, but Often Correct

One of the oldest staples of the UFO phenomenon are the warnings of superior beings that one day the Earth will undergo a series of drastic changes that will be interpreted by the hapless humans on the surface as a major cataclysm.  Unfortunately, as time goes on, it appears they may be more than stories.  And furthermore these accounts are coming more often with dire dates attached to them – dates very near in our future.

UFO abductees and contactees have always endured the scorn and ridicule of the greater mainstream media, but have overwhelmingly found a place in society filled with interested listeners.  It all started shortly after the UFO phenomenon began with individuals – often in the form of rapidly developing communities of believers broadcasting in person to the masses who traveled from afar to hear the strange news.  But over time communities and even religions sprang up telling of the interest these beings had in humanity and the dire warning they offered us if we do not abandon our violent and disastrous ways.  But perhaps even more strange than the fact that they seemingly independently agreed with one another, were the themes and symbols they chose to speak about then – themes that have changed very little since then.

It’s not unusual to hear of the dangers of global warming, the great terrors associated with nuclear war, and the possible weaponization of space – particularly if you’ve been listening to those claiming contact from another world.  The truly strange part is how over the past hundred years these very subjects have gone from novel footnotes in the future of mankind and seemingly baseless scientific claims into mainstream matters of political and ecological interest for the greater part of humanity.  And when we think of how they were predicted by such an unusual source, it may be prudent to return to these very sources and see what they’re warning about next – and when.

But why would an extraterrestrial species find it necessary to interact with humanity on this level and warn of impending Earth changes?  Why not simply turn their backs on a planet that seemed destined for destruction?  Perhaps the answer lies in the very testimony offered by these contactees.  Often, individuals such as Billy Meier have stated in chorus with others that these beings understand a greater collection of universal consciousness including all sentient life.  And while they cannot for obvious reasons intervene directly – as it would inevitably impede our development as a planet, they will send out warnings in the form of explanations to individuals who can share their experiences with others to create like minded communities.  We must ask ourselves the question first seeded by Erik Von Danniken – why do UFOs and spirituality seem so intrinsically linked?  And perhaps a good follow up question would be, if they must be linked, then what are they telling us about our future?  And why?