Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs are part and parcel of fiction and sci-fi films made today. The number of sightings of these inter-galactic space shuttles has increased over the years and the saucer shaped crafts are now synonymous with visits from other planets. Extraterrestrials are believed to traverse space and visit the various galaxies and planets in these Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs with bright orange lights and incredible speed. Nearly all reported sightings report the typical ‘saucer shape’ and lights that do not twinkle like those observed on our aircrafts. The sightings are also mostly at night and eye witnesses record the Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs as being maneuvered in very unearthly ways; zigzag and even in circular motion! ETs or Extraterrestrials are believed to be visitors to planet earth from outer space; outer space being the void that surrounds the planet and envelopes the galaxy.


Extraterrestrials are believed to possess extra ordinary powers and are said to be able to communicate with certain eye witnesses. There are of course a number of dis-believers and those who can spend hours in tying to undo what the eye witnesses have on record. The clash between science and that which is conceived by the human eye seem to be in constant conflict. Extraterrestrials or ETs are extolled and taken to another level of existence in well known films like Star Wars, ET and Independence Day. These movies have added to the imagination of believers and though it is not entirely untrue that there could be life on other planets within other galaxies and that our planet could be visited frequently, there is no concrete, scientific evidence. Extraterrestrials or ETs are credited with having very human like faculties and abilities, in the films of course. Most of the photographic evidence provided by the special eye witnesses of Extraterrestrials or ETs is hazy and very blurred. The superimposing of light and matter is too much to believe immediately. Nevertheless, there are a number of online sites and dedicated online and offline resources that make available the photographs and videos to enthusiasts around the world. 

Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs and Extraterrestrials or ETs are synonymous with space travel and sci-fi content. The large pits for eyes and the frail looking appendages are common to most descriptions of Extraterrestrials or ETs. There are number of books that can be accessed, with detailed information on the Extraterrestrials or ETs and biographies on the eye witnesses. The recorded information is always looked into by the authorities for authenticity, which most of the time is missing. The Extraterrestrials or ETs are believed to be highly advanced species and amidst all debate on them, their existence is being considered even by the NASA giants. What with the headlines screaming life on Mars and information on the atmosphere on Pluto. Extraterrestrials or ETs are part and parcel of the world of fiction today and even though many would like to snigger at the stories of the Extraterrestrial or ET sightings, they enjoy a good book or article on our alien visitors.