Eyewitness: Military Craft Drops from Orbit, Rockets Away

A witness reporting from the Mutual UFO Network released a statement on March 27th that on October 10th of 2010 he witnessed a strange object he thought to be of military origin drop from orbit and fall through the sky before stopping and taking off at a steep rate of climb near Bonny Dune, California as he and his girlfriend watched – amazed at what they were seeing.  It’s a common testament of logic that whatever technology we had decades ago has been surpassed several times over and that the technology being released to the public is only the most outdated.  But from the looks of this report, either we are centuries ahead of our time or someone else is.  And if they’re falling from Earth’s orbit, we can only guess at their origins.

The witness reports that at first he thought the object was a shooting star, but remained in the sky for a very long time suggesting it was distant and very large.  But as the object came out over the water and looked like it was about to impact, the witness pointed it out to his girlfriend.  As the two of them watched, the object suddenly stopped and hovered above the water for several seconds before ejecting a green flame and moving up at an incredible speed before disappearing into the distance.

And while the event lasted no more than five seconds, it was enough time for both witnesses to observe a spectacle that would call into question everything they knew about our current level of technology and the possibility that we may be visited by beings from other stars.  If the incident proves to be genuine, there are no known technologies we currently have that would allow an object to fall from orbit, casting off the flames from a superheated path through the atmosphere and then suddenly stop while the object was just above the waters of the ocean before soaring off back into the air shooting green flames out the back of the vehicle.  It sounds almost comically above our current understanding of technology.  But with so many black projects and celled aircraft allegedly capable of performing feats beyond our understanding of physics, it’s possible there is a research project out there designed to make a mockery of what we currently understand as possible for military purposes.

Of course there is one other fairly obvious possibility.  If the craft were somehow coming from another world, is it possible we could be seeing the arrival of a new type of visitor technology?  It’s interesting that the witness would observe a rocket on the back of this craft, as any known craft capable of making an interstellar voyage would almost certainly need more than simple combustible fuels.  Of course it’s difficult to tell just what a ship would be capable of doing and what sorts of systems it may have in place.  If it were to slow down its descent with a rocket, this would suggest the rest of its propulsion systems would have limited ability to slow themselves down due to either strain on the internal engines themselves or a lack of power.  Hardly something we’d expect from an extraterrestrial visitor.