Family Recalls Terrifying Alien Encounter

A witness submitting his report to MUFON has chronicled his disturbing encounter with a mysterious entity and an unidentified flying object.  According to the witness, the encounter remained a family secret for many years, but only now is coming to the public eye.  Unlike so many reports before it, this encounter not only details the craft that the family encountered, but also one of the beings on board.

It all began on November 30th in 1977 when the witness was sitting in the car with his father and stepmother.  The family was driving from dinner with a family friend when suddenly a strange light in the distance suddenly shot down to the tree line and began keeping speed with the car.  The witness’ father, looking to the object asked what on Earth it was, and began speeding up in an attempt to outrun the strange object.  As they continued speeding away, the occupants of the car began feeling incredibly uneasy.  What happened next would remain with the witness for the rest of his life.

From the side of the craft, the witness could see a small hole behind which he could observe very faintly a clear room.  In the window he could clearly see a strange thin white entity standing.  The creature had large black eyes and no mouth that he could notice at the distance he was at.  The witness describes the entity as looking like a skeleton.  As he sat there watching the mysterious entity, his stepmother started screaming in terror.  After this point the father was at once trying to calm her down and outrun this mysterious craft which was easily exceeding speeds at over 80 miles per hour just above the treetops.  The witness recalls that at this point he passed out, but woke up later.  His stepmother had been taken to a hospital due to her agitated state of hysterical terror.

It seems strange that the witness described the entity in the craft’s window as a skeleton when a typical abductee would report it as being very closely resembling a typical grey.  Was the thin pale creature with massive black eyes one of these creatures?  Or was there something else that made the witness make this unusual association?  As the witness awoke from his blackout, he spoke with his father about the incident.  It was at this point he learned that his stepmother had been taken to a hospital and sedated.  But as he asked his father what had happened after losing consciousness, his father told him that he had pulled the car over and gotten out.  His father revealed that he had been bathed in a strange light after this, but remembered nothing else.

Of course there’s little doubt that this witness was obviously still fairly young when this happened, but how young is still unknown.  But whether it was his imagination or not, the events of that night have stayed with him ever since.  And we can only hope some day he finds some answers to what happened that night.