Famous UFO Returns to Belleville

Often UFO cases are seen as independent from one another, each one possessing different qualities and changing as time goes on.  But one famous UFO that has been visiting the area around Belleville and St. Louis in Illinois has once again made an appearance.  The object always appears at night and hovers away, leaving witnesses confused and intrigued.

The triangular shaped craft appeared this time as a witness was driving along I-277 toward Kirkwood on September 29th of this year.  As the witness watched, he at first was unsure what the object could be.  Still focusing on the road, he tried to make sense of the steady lights in the sky that seemed to hover slowly at a distance away from him.  As he got closer, however, he was able to see that the three lights were seemingly irregularly spaced, but definitely connected to a solid black object with several lights at the back of it.

In 2001 the same object made an appearance around Scott Airforce base and was tracked by police across several state lines and then again in May of this year.  With the object making such regular appearances in one small area, it’s easy to speculate that perhaps the object isn’t the same random type of saucer or triangular shaped object that so regularly seems to patrol random areas of the globe.  The triangular shaped craft seems to specifically have a connection to the area.

The anatomy of the craft is always described exactly the same with a slight variant on the lights themselves.  Occasionally the object is seen with three lights, one on each corner of the craft’s wings and one on the tip of it, and then three or four lights coming out from the back.  The lights have been reported as white, blue, red, green, or a combination of these colors.  It makes no sound, and is capable of moving slowly undetected by all but a few scattered people who will be able to track it in real time as it floats through several counties.  Additionally, the object is sometimes reportedly seen with other smaller glowing objects that move far faster.

The craft, or rather the craft’s most famous sighting by police in 2001 was the subject of a documentary.  Follow up coverage has been limited as these are generally not as painstakingly documented as the first official sighting.  Witnesses from the Belleville area have been known to see other objects, but the consistency the triangular craft shares with each sighting seems to warrant a second look.  And this latest sighting, mere days ago shows that it has returned.

What is this craft?  Is it a military project connected with the nearby air force base?  Could it be alien in origin?  Or is there something else going on?  Why does the object seem to have such a connection with such a small area?  What keeps it coming back year after year?  Perhaps if we study the sightings, a pattern will emerge.