Fifteen Cold Minutes Change Alaska UFO Witness’ Life

Ten minutes after first spotting an unusual object in the sky, one Alaska witness was struck by a dilemma whether to share her experience or not.  The UFO they spotted not only soared above their home, but also caused electrical disturbances as well.  And though the object was clearly something unusual, for a few minutes at the beginning of the event, this witness – who later submitted her report to the Mutual UFO Network – was under the impression, perhaps out of denial, that it was a conventional aircraft she was looking at.

It all started on April fourth in Juneau, Alaska as the witness stepped outside for a cigarette and looked up at the sky.  Alaska is no stranger to cold, and although in the spring and summer months the temperature does climb a few degrees, a biting cold still runs throughout the state at night.  Braving the chilly weather, however, the witness stepped outside and soon noticed what she thought was an airplane hovering in the sky.  As she watched, however, the craft began emitting a number of colors that seemed unusual for any aircraft of terrestrial origin.  As she watched, it began shining a strange blue color that the witness at once thought might have been green and pink at the same time.  It’s not unusual for witnesses to see several juxtaposed colors creating an unusual array during these sorts of sightings.  Some have even suggested a “new” color or arrangement of colors that manifests in a new way.

But as the object continued to hover, the witness was sure it would disappear behind the distant tree-line shortly.  She was surprised, however, when the object seemed to swoop down below the trees and continue emitting a light that seemed different from any aircraft she was used to seeing.  As she watched, she thought she could distinctly see two additional lights added to the craft that appeared to form a triangular shape.  After watching the object for some time, it gradually faded from view and she went inside.

After telling her husband of the mysterious event, they were both startled when suddenly their television began emitting a strange sound like some strange form of interference was breaking through.  After they recovered from the initial shock from the sudden burst of sound breaking into the room, they once again resumed their conversation only to have the burst of data once again break out in the room.  Still reeling from the television and subsequent flickering of their home’s electricity the couple wondered if they should report the event to the authorities.  They decided, however, that reporting the event may result in damage to their reputation and they refrained.  What they did, however, was visit the Mutual UFO Network’s website and submit a report of the incident for examination by experts.

It’s an often harrowing experience to suddenly see everything in your world shift and be left with only the knowledge that things on this world aren’t always what they seem to be.  But these witnesses in Alaska would find it even more difficult to find other witnesses in the lonely expanses of howling wind outside their door in often isolated rural Alaska.