Final Word on Village Disappearance

On October 13th amid reports of mass sightings worldwide a rumor came about that suggested a village in Qinling had vanished and alongside it the people living there as well.  Rumors suggested that soon the military was called in alongside tanks and other vehicles.  As the story compounded with additional rumors, it eventually grew to titanic proportions.  And now almost half a month later the official story on the matter is finally coming out.

October 13th was a dramatic time for the UFO phenomenon as a recent prediction that alien craft would be making an appearance over major cities was apparently confirmed.  With the most dramatic sighting taking place over New York, the truth seemed in those early hours of the day mere moments away.  But in the end we were left with just as much of a mystery as we had started with.  The only thing seemingly promising conclusive evidence was the dramatic case of a village in Qinling where several people had vanished – disappearing without a trace beneath a massive UFO.

But as the reports came out many media outlets, including several still reporting it were fairly skeptical of the matter.  It seemed too dramatic to be true.  And yet other reports – themselves largely speculation- seemed to confirm it.  But as this string of details seemed to confirm itself, the whole matter ended up being blown vastly out of proportion.  In reality we can trace the true origins of this story to its source – a single blog post being taken up by a chinese social networking site that went viral and somehow got lost in translation as it was converted into English by internet translation protocols.  When we originally posted our story on the village’s disappearance one of the points of contention we had with the story was the lack of an accurate translation.  And we weren’t the only ones.

But this still didn’t stop the story from reaching all the way to online news agencies and even one television news station covering the rumor as a confirmed fact.  The War of the Worlds had struck yet again.  This time the internet was its target.  It was perhaps fitting that this time the internet was its target.  But there was a definite difference.  Rather than the masses panicking and running in the streets, there was a scramble for facts that when turning fruitless turned to speculation and fabrication.  Even a video was posted online to confirm the incident though when translated seemed largely unrelated to the village disappearance and may have been of a transformer fire in the distance.

This particular rumor was largely debunked as false.  But the area of the Qinling mountains where it was reported to have happened is by no means entirely quiet on the paranormal front.  Commonly it’s reported to be a location of elevated UFO activity.  And with media blackouts regularly blocking western audiences from various stories in China, it seems certainly possible that such an event could have been covered up fairly effectively given the proper motivation.  Was it this time?  All sources seem to be pointing to no for this event.  While the case of the unnamed village disappearing in Qinling is closed, there is certainly no shortage of mysteries unsolved and events left entirely unexplainable.