First Ever Women’s UFO Symposium

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

When you think of UFO symposiums, generally the cast of characters presenting their findings and experiences are overwhelmingly male.  But this most recent UFO symposium will be the first with an all female presenting cast.  After the long history of men in the field, organizers are hoping that by including only females there will be a fresh perspective on the matter.

It’s an idea presenters have been kicking around for some time, and now the first annual Women’s UFO Symposium will be held in May of next year and while the presenters will all be female, men are encouraged to join the audience in the city of Glen Rose, Texas.  Glen Rose may sound familiar to researchers thanks to a series of UFO incidents in and around the area.  One particularly noteworthy event in Glen Rose, was the discovery of a massive tear-drop shaped object by a rancher in a crater.  Shortly after the discovery the object fell out of the public eye.  It was said the object could have been there for millions of years and then unearthed by the meteorite – which allegedly disappeared after impacting the ground.  Others suggest the object itself could have been a meteorite and the object’s identity could be traced to its incredibly strange shape.  Others have reported seeing massive triangular craft similar to those seen over Phoenix Arizona during the Phoenix Lights incident.

And of course the Stephenville Incident, which achieved national recognition in 2008 and resulted in both radar contact and the resignation of Angelia Joiner, one of the town’s newspaper reporters after the newspaper stopped printing stories of the incidents.  And though it will have been four years since the incident when the symposium starts, it will still leave in the memories of those assembled a definite indicator that there is something strange going on in the skies that we are not currently aware of.

Among the speakers will be the daughter of the first man to coin the phrase “flying saucer” Kenneth Arnold, who will be discussing the other sightings that took place during the course of his life, and Paola Harris with her own perspective on the UFO field and her own discoveries in recent years.  And if there’s one thing you can learn from the long history of UFO symposiums it’s that you never know exactly what will happen.

Recently the UFO field was shocked when during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade a mysterious object appeared above the parade in the distance.  The object, which was thought to be a possible visit by an extraterrestrial craft or possibly an errant weather balloon.

It has been noted by purist UFOlogists that despite its marquis this will not be the first all woman panel of woman speakers including the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials, but rather the second – citing the New Science and Ancient Wisdom conference which included an all female panel and discussed many matters, including UFOlogy.