First Major Crop Circle of 2011 Springs Up

The first Crop Circle of the year has finally appeared in Slimin Yogyakarta in Indonesia.  The strange circular patterns, it seems, will be once again gracing the landscape with their mysterious swirling designs and vexing farmers, confusing the curious, and leaving a general air of mystery imprinted on the landscape that can be seen in design only from the air.

The strange artifact appeared in the field just outside of the small town and just as speculation began, so did the onslaught of onlookers.  The strange design, which bears a triangle and several rings around it is strange to the naked eye to say the least.  But the thoughts on just how it came to be can be even stranger.

Crop circles have been categorized into two groups since they first started appearing decades ago.  In the one category, experts like Linda Moulton Howe have noticed how the stalks themselves appear to be warped and strange, even exhibiting characteristics on the cellular level that suggest they have been changed at a very microscopic level by unknown means.  Some of the grains pulled from these stalks even exhibit magnetic properties that seem to defy the known laws of physics or suggest incredible electromagnetic interference.  From what is still a matter of conjecture.  And in the other category, scientists have had their hands full debunking the slew of faked crop circles achieved by individuals with stakes and ropes.

The faked crop circles are created by groups of individuals who take careful measurements and stamp down the grass to make designs and even write messages in a number of languages which can be read from the air.  The strange symbols emblazoned on hillsides and seen by millions are in these cases quickly dismissed as a mere prank set up by those with a lot of time, some imagination, and the ability to let their prank go on unannounced – usually.  Unfortunately, these same enigmatic groups also get the credit for the majority of the crop circles that appear across the globe.

But there are other forces at work commonly attributed to crop circles.  Not only have extraterrestrials been added to the mix, but also unknown natural phenomena such as sudden gusts of wind, clandestine satellites, and even shadowy and mysterious religious cults.

Whatever the cause for the mysterious figures appearing on a hillside in Indonesia, the mystery will no doubt be bringing a cavalcade of believers and skeptics alike to attempt to decipher the mysterious message no doubt encoded in this advanced and unexplainable pattern.  And though it may prove to be nothing more than a prank, there will no doubt be more crop circles cropping up (and stamping down) in the coming months ahead.  And with the first spring crops in England yet to be planted, the worldwide canvas will be set for mystery.  And come drought, harsh weather, or sunshine, it’s no doubt going to be a bountiful harvest.