Fleet of Mysterious Pyramid Craft Over Lawrence, KS

Visual InterpretationIt will be interesting to note whether or not any other witnesses were able to spot the mysterious craft reportedly observed by one witness who submitted his testimony to the Mutual UFO Network on November 30th.  The witnesses involved in this case reportedly spotted not one, but several pyramid shaped craft hovering near the city limits.  The idea of several massive black tetrahedrons dropping out of the sky and hovering near populations centers may be strange enough, but the story – as you will find – gets even stranger.

The witness begins their account saying it all began as they received a phone call from a friend of theirs at approximately 7:00 pm.  The witness’ friend was driving on the K10 toward Lawrence Kansas when they had spotted a strange craft hovering low with several blinking lights at what appeared to be the corners of a massive but unknown shape.  At first thinking nothing of it, the witness would not return to the matter until two hours later when the witness would himself observe the strange object hovering in the sky.  As he watched the strange object hovering in the sky, he at first assumed it must be a star.  Soon, however, he realized that whatever it was he was seeing was not only getting brighter, but seemed to be attached to a large tetrahedral shaped ship of some sort.  Shortly after passing the first mysterious shape they came across what appeared to be another almost identical craft hovering a few miles away.  This craft hovered above them and even passed over their position before passing out of sight.  The witnesses then screeched to a halt and drove back to town to convince more of their friends to follow them and chase these mysterious craft.

As they pulled back on to the K10, they found a relatively secluded spot and waited there, watching for the mysterious craft to make another appearance.  On this night, the craft were not about to disappoint.  In front of several witnesses, several mysterious triangular craft suddenly appeared in front of them and made maneuvers around the area as though they were somehow scanning the countryside.

As they watched over the course of the next few hours, they eventually noticed that the craft were beginning to vanish.  The final craft they were able to see that night came very low over them and emitted a very loud thumping noise they would find very difficult to describe later before itself disappearing into the night.  Several of the witnesses reported feeling a mysterious but unmistakable tingling sensation at the tops of their heads as this happened.  It was a mysterious event to say the least, but it happened for so long that the witnesses found themselves going home long before the last of the objects finally disappeared.

Just what were these mysterious craft?  And why did they show up for so long before witnesses?  It’s still unknown if any of those involved in the sighting was able to catch the events unfolding on film.